Doing the usual news searches, came across a headline with above title, but kept on being redirected to various reprints… Google Websearch shows many hits, all low-value.

Going to what appears to be the canonical link, the story in whole seems to be the headline: “FLASH IS OFFICIALLY DEAD: This super interactive Nissan Leaf site is all HTML5.” The whole is linked to this Nissan USA site, which in my current FF/Win comes up as Flash, baby.

Takeaways? Flash doesn’t seem as “dead” as do for-pay bloggers and the whole weblog news culture. Look at the noise they generated, on how little thought! Look at how few costs they pay in return for increasing all readers’ costs! Look at what has been done to search engine results! And look at how the bloated Business Insider sites so frequently fail to complete loading, as they make unnecessary third-party calls to doubleclick.com, yieldmanager.com, pubmatic.com, tacoda.net, adnxs.com, sailthru.com, facebook.net, insightexpressai.com, openx.com, twitter.com, fbcdn.net, and many many more cross-site tracking web beacons.

Hot headline, startlingly poor observation, no real argument, no feedback mechanism, but lots of slammin’ the SEO and social media channels with self-serving, public-penalizing bloviation… the writer makes a good case that it’s the web which he’s actually killing.