Comb Over Charlie vs the Web-Beacon’d Pundits of Doom

Short video worth watching… single game running across multiple screens… more info from Charlie Schulze and Jens Loeffler.

Simple story — delivering to a new form of device should require minimal redrawing/layout/interaction work, and delivering to a new brand of device should require even less work than that. It’s still early days, but Charlie’s experience shows that this is a reasonable and attainable goal.

Is this the story in the popular press? No… the goal of techpress is to earn revenue, and attracting the clicks is the main need. They don’t disclose their private communications with companies, and feature pseudonymous comments which could well be from marketing-agency personas. When they write of privacy their own pages will usually call assets from Google, Facebook, and other cross-site trackers. Even when the New York Times writes of a superquake and mega-tsunami in Japan, they’ll sensationalize the nuclear angle despite all science to the contrary. The chattering-class is often offbase in what they choose to discuss.

Please take a look at the video yourself. That cross-device delivery is the way things should be, and is increasingly the way things really are. And in the end, this reality will trump lame talk.

One Response to Comb Over Charlie vs the Web-Beacon’d Pundits of Doom

  1. Bryan Rieger says:

    I saw this video earlier today – and I have to say I’m seriously impressed with the work Adobe has done in the past year across devices. This stuff is *hard* and without the quality of tools from the likes of Adobe creating applications and experiences for these devices is going to remain a very costly endeavour for the majority of orgs.

    it’s a shame the press is really only interested in telling one story (the one that currently sells), but I suspect ‘reality will trump lame talk’ soon enough.