Got acne? Blame Flash!

This device too late! That device too different! This one too big, that one too small, this OS too free, that OS too closed, ohmygosh run run run!

There’s a rare layer of hysteria in much of the techblogging today. The nuttiness has been around forever, but now seems to be reaching a fever pitch.

Some ask if we’re in a bubble. I don’t know. But for every person who sells a share of stock above $300, there’s a person who paid that steep a price for it. That’s a lot of people, with lots of self-interest floating around out there. And the financial message boards have never been among the most civil examples of online discussion….

It’s hot. But it won’t persist. We’re already seeing the patterns.

Connected interactive screens are coming in all sizes, with all types of operating systems and native-code environments, in all types of languages, with all types of business models connected to their use. No single brand dominates.

Everyday people in both Palo Alto and Peru, both San Francisco and Singapore, both Cupertino and Hyderabad — and everywhere else! — are all adopting these devices at torrid pace. No single social group dominates.

The technology to publish applications and content across all these devices will vary with device needs, audience needs and content needs. We usually need to blend technologies to reach wider audiences. No single technology dominates.

People delivering their ideas through such devices want a real connection with their audience, and not be intermediated by gatekeepers — few wish to be a mere sharecropper. Cross-device markets, cross-device analytics, cross-device frameworks, cross-device toolchains are the pickaxes and hardware of this gold rush.

In such an expansive world, those who see themselves as the only true path will likely fare not all that well. They’ll rail at competition, scream and shout. Listen to what they say, but confirm the truth for yourself.

Cooperation and mutual benefit are, realistically, a better long-term approach. Just gotta deal with some of the screaming in the meantime…. 😉

2 Responses to Got acne? Blame Flash!

  1. Joe Fatzen says:

    How about this: when my high-end gaming PC stops stuttering in Rift with a simple YouTube video playing in another window–only to disappear completely if I set the browser to use h.264 or WebM–I’ll stop complaining about Flash.

    For THAT platform.

    There is only one rule: show your work.

    • John Dowdell says:

      I’m not publishing most of the anonymous Apple evangelism submitted here as comments, but am pushing this one… just to remind that there’s a major difference between people who sanely ask “How can I troubleshoot to get the performance that the rest of the world does?” and the type of people who say “I think I’m having a bad experience, so you suck.”

      It’s like a morbidly obese person yelling at hamburgers….