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Yes, CS3 is for sale

This is a followup to a problem Steve Flowers encountered… after CS3.3 was announced (with Acrobat 9) for shipment next month, he couldn’t find a link to actually purchasing and receiving CS3.0 today. I tried too, and couldn’t find the link. Turns out it was under various layers of interface mystification down at the bottom of the page… full CS3 Web Premium link is here. My apologies for the snafu-iness, and delay in reply. On the good side, once Steve raised this issue it caused a little firedrill internally, and the website’s interface should change to make things easier to find.

Related issue: I’ve been similarly UI-mystified by comments on this new weblog… administration panel would say that comments were published when they didn’t show on archive pages, showed the correct comment count but I still couldn’t see comments, and weird error messages showed up when I tried to write test comments myself. It turns out that the center/edge proxy server at just can’t handle “Publish all comments immediately”. Now I’ve flipped comments back to manual approval, and I think I should have two-way communication again here. The downside is that comment publication needs to wait until I check the administration page. Sorry in advance for any delay (I hate comment-moderation queues myself), but I think I might start resembling a normal human being again here soon….