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April 16, 2008

Silverlight tripling

Silverlight tripling: I hate giving Microsoft public-relations people extra exposure, but I spent enough time researching it that I figure others may want to know the meat behind the story too. The headlines go "Silverlight to triple marketshare" and such, but Katherine Noyes of E-Commerce Times has some of the details on that non-public Evans Data report: "In a poll of [400] developers who work with Web 2.0 technologies, Evans Data asked both what the developers currently use for rich Internet applications as well as what they plan to use in the next year to year and a half." From what's reported of the results, forty of them were investigating Silverlight today, and 120 of them plan to do so by 2010. No word on how many actual public-facing projects were under development. The fact that only a third seem to have responded to the prior massive publicity seems small to me, but you know my perspective. ;-) Anyway, it's a positive headline for Microsoft, even though it risks overestimating eventual realities. If I get a more direct link to the Evans Data study and wording I'll update this post.

Posted by JohnDowdell at April 16, 2008 2:52 PM