Best Practices chapter on Dev Center

A chapter from Using ActionScript has been put on the Developer Center.

Oh, and it isn’t just any chapter (suuuuuuuuure dehaan, you say). It’s the Best Practices chapter, that includes coding conventions and the like. I’ll quote what it says on Dev Center (well, I did write it initially… so I suppose it’s acceptable to plagiarize myself).

Best practices are particularly useful when you share FLA files with other Flash developers, or you want to create consistent and readable ActionScript. Adopting best practices can help you increase productivity and improve your workflow whether you’re working solo or on a team. The “Using Best Practices” chapter covers recommended practices and naming conventions in Flash development, as well as best practices for writing ActionScript 2.0.

There are many other best practices that you might adopt when developing projects and writing ActionScript, and the Macromedia documentation team would love to hear about them. One way to submit feedback is by using the LiveDocs system. You can browse to the beginning of the “Using Best Practices” chapter here:

Alternatively, you can find a page of this chapter in the Flash Help panel and click the View Comments on LiveDocs link at the bottom of the page. This opens a browser window where you can submit your own “best practice” recommendations into the LiveDocs system.

Sure, this stuff is already in the docs. Why put it up on the Dev Center?! Truth be told, many people didn’t know it was there. Many people were still sayin’ “Flash documentation people, Macromedia, why aren’t there best practices/code conventions in the docs? You’re missing something important!!” — well… it was already in the docs! But no one found it. So here it is up on the dev center, so perhaps people will find it.

But it’s hard to agree on best practices. Trust me, I know – there were many conflicting opinions that were no fun to deal with when compiling practices. And yes, best practicing Behaviors is no easy task. So let us know what you think or what to add. This is one behemoth document already (partly why some areas might not feel as fleshed out as they could be, and why other topics might not be in there– yet), but your feedback will help form future documents. So – let’s hear it.

Thanks and merry Thanksgiving!

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