Welcome to the Flash documentation blog

Hello and welcome to the new Flash documentation blog. Just a quick introduction before we get going. I’ve been around the Flash community for awhile, and started writing books on Flash a few years ago. I started the website www.flash-mx.com (we still blog there too), a forum www.flashmx2004.com, and submitted a number of Developer Center articles and tutorials. So in addition to writing, I use (and love) Flash.

After writing full time for a few years, I started contracting as a technical writer for Macromedia (for the 7.2 updater release) and moved from Calgary to San Francisco about 6 weeks ago to start working at Macromedia full time. This city (and the green-colored Macromedia basement) are great places to hang out.

So the purpose of this blog is to do the following:

– listen to feedback on the current documentation structure and content (of course!)
– listen to what you want to see in future documentation (particular examples and so on)
– elaborate upon certain elements of the documentation (such as explaining how some of the Help Example FLA files were built… have you found them yet?)
– demonstrate bits of new documentation you might not have seen yet
– answer and address FAQs (from feedback on the LiveDocs system)

Big thanks to Mike Chambers for setting up this blog, and I look forward to hearing your feedback and sharing ideas.