How big can your Flash be? See this TechNote…

I just noticed a great TechNote about how big your Flash SWF files can be.

Flash TechNote: How big can a Flash movie be?

The TechNote reviews how big your files can be, how much memory they should use, a bit about math, and so forth. It’s certainly worth a read, particularly if you live on the wild side and ever approach these (logical) limitations.

4 Responses to How big can your Flash be? See this TechNote…

  1. flashape says:

    thats a wierd technote…it talks about flash 4 and and pre-os x macintosh, but also talks about version 2 components.

  2. Lucid says:

    Executing Protocol ARRRRRRobotic pirates

  3. jdehaan says:

    Well, I dig that protocol 🙂

  4. Alexandre Madurell says:

    Oh my!The company I’m employed at has been in charge of the flash presentations at an International Annual Convention of one of our customers, for 5 or 6 years now… and not a single year this subject hasn’t come to mind at least once or twice during development (and usually right after Flash crashed horribly on some already gigantic file)…I’ve just sent the link to the article to all my pals here… better late than never, right? ;)Thanks as always, Jen!!