Macromedia Knowledge Base – it’s live

Although it has been mentioned on a few other Macromedia blogs and other sites as well, it is worth mentioning here that Macromedia has released their new “Knowledge Base”. What is the Knowledge Base, you ask? Well, the FAQ says the following:

What is the Macromedia Knowledge Base?
The Macromedia Knowledge Base is a self-service customer information guided search tool that allows customers to access information quickly and efficiently from for precise Macromedia technical information, Macromedia Developer Center articles, and Macromedia customer service notes on policies and procedures. Each search that a user performs automatically provides structured feedback to Macromedia about the technical quality of the Knowledge Base. This allows us to contribute new technical information continually to make the Knowledge Base more effective.

Go Search the Knowledge base:
Knowledge Base search

Find out more info:

Macromedia also offers a useful Captivate (formerly RoboDemo) movie which does a great job of walking you through the new Knowledge Base.

If you have feedback regarding this new search tool, please send it using the Knowledge Base feedback form.

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