Friday Macrochat: Introducing the Flash Player Detection Kit

Intro to the Flash Player Detection Kit Macrochat
Friday, January 28, 2005
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM US/Eastern

Register here:

Macromedia Senior Technical Support Engineer Jason Wylie will be presenting
“Introducing the Flash Player Detection Kit”. Tune in and learn how to
create a Flash Player detection script from scratch, use the Detection Kit
to create the script, and understand why detecting the Flash Player on a
website is vitally important to ensuring your visitors have the best web
experience possible.

What You Will Learn

* What is Flash Player detection?
* Why do you need to detect the player?
* How do you detect the player
* Detection options and reviewing the code it creates
* Dreamweaver Extensions
* 3rd party methods
* Moock FPI
* BrowserHawk
* Multiple sites (one HTML and one Flash site)

4 Responses to Friday Macrochat: Introducing the Flash Player Detection Kit

  1. Josh Buhler says:

    When will a transcript of this be available? I’d like to participate, but I’ll be without an internet connection while this is going on.

  2. jdehaan says:

    Hi Josh,I’m not too sure (the community folks are putting on the event), but there is a link on the information page there for questions:QuestionsFor Macromedia community information, please e-mail that helps,Jen.

  3. Brandon says:

    Hey Jen,the link to register is not working..

  4. brandon says:

    doh! well i guess if i had bothered to read the date and time… sorry about that Jen. 🙂