Improved LiveDocs: track, rss, reporting

Good news, LiveDocs is improved. Check out some of the new features. Browse to a page in LiveDocs and check out some new links on the bottom of the page.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see an RSS feed of the page, a link to send you an email when a comment is posted, and a link to the Comment Report, allowing you to do detailed searches:

Now you have a lot more access to the comments people make. Note that the RSS feeds link displays only when a page has comments.

Enjoy and happy livedoc-ing.

4 Responses to Improved LiveDocs: track, rss, reporting

  1. Andreas Weber says:

    > Good news, LiveDocs is improved.Sorry to be a pain, but as long as it takes 20 seconds and more to load a page, LiveDocs are as good as unusable.As long as Macromedia does not (cannot?) solve this basic usabilty flaw, imo adding new features does not make much sense.A result page from the second link above:’m afraid this monster is bound to break…)- of the 14 comments only 6 display a link to the page the comment is referring to, for 8 it is impossible to figure out the context.- of the 6 links 3 end in a ‘Page not Found’As I already said in another comment, I’m happy about the contents of the docs and I appreciate the improvement over time. When will MM finally allocate the means it takes to put them online in a way they can be properly used?

  2. Philipp Ringli says:

    And where is the link tag for RSS?like:I am not too thrilled about the live docs.They are slow, and eat take up to much memory, when loaded in the browser.The “startscreen” ist just plainly annoying.This is what I call an efficient online manual: MM livedocs take forever to search something, and, more often than not, they turn up no results.

  3. Philipp Ringli says:

    after like: in the above post I pasted the hmtl link tag with the attributes rel=”alternate”, type=”application/rss+xml”, title=”RSS 2.0″ and href=”some.xml”.If you think the livedocs benefit from an RSS feed per doc entry, then at least provide the alternate RSS link.IMHO one RSS for one kind of liveDoc would be way more appropriate.And maybe there should be a big note up front that the liveDocs aren’t a help forum. ;-)…and did you ever care to look at the live docs using firefox 1.0 (I’m on OS X 10.3.7), the search results are overlapping each other, rendering a portion of them unreadable.

  4. jdehaan says:

    Thanks very much for the feedback above 🙂 To send this or further feedback to the LiveDocs team, please go here: then click “Send Feedback” at the very bottom of the page.Closing comments on this thread due to spamming.