Pictures of new Macromedia offices at 601 Townsend

Some of Macromedia moved into the new headquarters today, at 601 Townsend, which is across the street from the old building. Some info about the building is here: Here are some pics of the new offices, from the inside πŸ™‚ Sorry for the blurriness – it was dark and I didn’t have the flash on.

Heading to new office with all my crap (two work laptops) in tow.

Arriving at the new building – front door.

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Looking towards the open middle part of the building. I think this is by the elevators.View from my new cubicle. I sit about a couple rows over from windows. Important people get window cubicles, such as Gary Grossman for example who sits slightly to the left of this pic. πŸ™‚This is a meeting room (larger size) next to my cubicle. I forget its name, but one room is called Columbo, which is pretty cool.This is some casual room or something. More brick.This is a kitchen, after a small welcome celebration with a toast by Mr Lynch.Kitchen again.Elevators (yawning yet? still here?)They seem to paint areas by product colors. At least I noticed the Dreamweaver area has some green and Flash some red as shown here. However, there’s yellow by the Flash Player people, which busts that theory I guess.A meeting room by Flash team. Not so cool until you turn around and see … (go to the next pic)…A huge plasma screen in this meeting room. Actually, there’s a cooler “living” room in the building which I don’t have a picture of yet. I hope living room means gaming, maybe even for the little people like me πŸ™‚

29 Responses to Pictures of new Macromedia offices at 601 Townsend

  1. Rafiq R. Elmansy says:

    The most part i liked is painting each area with the produc color.Also, I liked the kitchen very much;)Rafiq

  2. Jen says:

    OK, I have an idea for a completely lame contest. There’s one picture that contains a hint that reveals the meeting room’s name. First person to guess it wins *gasp* two metallic pencils from this morning’s treasure hunt and… something else (I’ll think of something).Good luck.PS: And yes, we actually had a treasure hunt.

  3. ericd says:

    Some ideas for the name of that meeting room name:Brickhouse, Firehouse, OldSchool, Elvis, BlackVelvet, The King, Vegas, Fried Bananas, Opressive Lighting.I dunno – but I must be close ;)Thanks for the photos!!

  4. ericd says:

    Blue Hawaii maybe too?

  5. Jen says:

    Ha – opressive lighting πŸ™‚ No cigar quite yet, although I think you’ve seen what’s the hint…

  6. nic says:

    Matlock? Bond? Shaft? Mr. Bean? (I’m trying to follow the Columbo theme here πŸ™‚

  7. ericd says:

    Okay some more ideas…Garage Sale, Lynch, Mesh, Five, Shockwave, LCD, Plasma, Ornament, Fireworks, Jazz Singer, Bad Art, Pawn Shop, July 4th. Daniel Marquez, Leeteg, Superstar, Black Hole, Sidewalk Sale, Bargain Bin, Blue Suede Shoes, Love Me Tender, Hound DogAny closer?

  8. brandon says:

    Elvis? I thought it was Adam Ant! :)my guess – Jail House? Graceland?Nice digs Jen.

  9. Steve Ray says:

    How about Eggs? Egghead? Triplets? The shapes on the wall in the first pick… or maybe Glare? πŸ™‚

  10. steve says:

    How about the Turkish Prison Day Room, Terry Tate Motivational Room or Flash MX MMV Professional Developers Mind Melding Room?

  11. ericd says:

    Is that Jimi Hendrix?

  12. jdehaan says:

    LOL – prisons, mind melding, black holes.OK, another hint. Think painting, bad art. Maybe this is pretty hard…I can guarantee the winner a book too but I feel I’ll have to do better if someone figures it out πŸ˜‰

  13. brandon says:

    The Tacky Room?

  14. ericd says:

    Okay :)Dogs Playing Cards, Cards, Dogs, Matador, Cowboy, Home On The Range, Range, Gene Autry, Wayne Newton, Alien Flower, Blurry Mess, Autopsy Figure.113, Poolock’s Hankerchief, Fingerpainting Horror Show, Rabbit on a Boat, Coney, Griffin, Meat Locker, Rot Lab, Fungus, ScreechBTW – I couldn’t submit with the text “p oker” – funny

  15. John Dowdell says:

    I’m guessing there isn’t a room called GroundZero, nor ones called Chrome, Yukon, or even Firebird, eh…?jd

  16. N Rohler says:

    Pinata? Horse? Rocking Horse? Mouse? Zebra? DOG?

  17. ericd says:

    Polar Bear From Lost Habitation Room!

  18. jdehaan says:

    Right on, Eric D. is the winner! If you look at the last picture, there’s a (rather tacky) painting of a Matador, bull, etc. Due to my fuzzy and compressed image, a challenging contest indeed (my apologies – but I gotta say you guys are good).Eric, I’ll send you an email shortly πŸ™‚

  19. steve says:

    The Matador Room!

  20. brandon says:

    i knew that wasn’t elvis…

  21. ericd says:

    Ya I got hung up for a little on the black velvet painting thing… I have never seen many, but I know the clichΓ© is for Elvis, or a unicorn, or dolphins, tigers, subject matter like that.But after staring at that a little while longer, I thought I could see a Matador… and its quite a fitting conference room title for other reasons as well.Jen, thank you for this fun contest.

  22. David says:

    HA HA you seem to hate your job or building? then leave ha ha ha… I guess macromedia is cutting back on cost… so that means Layoff of employee’s

  23. jdehaan says:

    Que? Hate the building? No sir, wouldn’t be taking the pictures and posting them if I did. And I doubt anyone is cutting back by buying big brand new buildings πŸ™‚

  24. Raul says:

    …big brand new “100 year old” buldings. ;)”A designated City Landmark, The Baker Hamilton Building was constructed in 1905 for Pacific Hardware & Steel Company. When the building escaped the 1906 earthquake and fire unscathed, Pacific Hardware & Steel enjoyed several prosperous years and became one of the largest hardware firms in the western United States.”from:

  25. jdehaan says:

    Well, yeah, I realized the building wasn’t recently constructed (I, you know, work there…). It has previous lives as an antique dealership, flower warehouse, many former IT shops, etc. I kinda meant it was bought and “new” to Macromedia. ;)Holy crap are you guys literal! My blog comments aren’t documentation you know!

  26. Thomas says:

    Hey, actually i work at and an associate of mine recently made an “ass” out of himself regarding a matador. I have been looking for a picture of the black velvet matador painting for a little more then a month. PLEASE take a picture and send it to my email address T) hehe please help me make fun of this man! and send me that pic!

  27. thomas says:

    heh correction my email is