Survey day: What docs do you use the most?

Hope you all had a nice and safe holiday.

Today is Tuesday survey day! Today I’d like to get your feedback on the areas where you use the Flash docs the most, and the areas where you’d like to see the most improvement, focus, examples, etc.

You might notice that the documentation is separated into books. If you go to the Flash Help panel and click the “Table of Contents” button, you can see their titles. Examples of the books are:

* Getting Started tutorials
* Using Flash
* Using ActionScript in Flash (the chaptery sections on ActionScript)
* ActionScript Language Reference (aka: dictionary)
* Using Components (which contains the Components Dictionary – please feel free to count that as a separate book!)
* Flash JavaScript Dictionary
* Data Tutorials

And ones after that are books that likely installed with your components.

Anyway, please consider the following for this survey:

* What book(s) do you use the most?
* Where would you personally like to see the “most improvement” or attention? (Maybe you don’t read a book now becuase it’s poor – but you would read it if it was good/improved).
* How do you use the books? (Ie: do you look for tutorials, code snippets, high-level workflow stuff, etc?)
* What are you: a developer, a designer, or a hybrid between the two – a deseloper?
* Any other feedback?