New Google Maps – a nicely executed web app

It’s not Flash, but it’s some really great web work. Check out the new “Maps” feature from Google.

601 Townsend in San Francisco

Even more impressive:

Sushi in my neighbourhood

Nice design, good maps, drop shadow that isn’t lame, putting the competition to shame. Try clicking between the markers. Gotta love it.

9 Responses to New Google Maps – a nicely executed web app

  1. Google maps doesn’t like Safari, what I got to see was:Your browser is not supported by Google Maps just yet. We currently support the following browsers:IE 5.5+ (download: Windows)Firefox 0.8+ (download: Windows Mac Linux)Netscape 7.1+ (download: Windows Mac Linux)Mozilla 1.4+ (download: Windows Mac Linux)We are working on supporting Safari. Regardless of your browser type, you must have JavaScript enabled to use Google Maps.We recommend you download one of the browsers above, or you can try to load Google Maps in your current browser.

  2. Brandon says:

    wow. that looks great. can’t wait to see what ‘google hacks’ come out of that.

  3. Dennis says:

    Yes, nicely executed. If only it was in Flash (at least as an option). Would imagine the file size would be much smaller.I’m getting gaps in the maps where sections aren’t displayed.

  4. John Dowdell says:

    Wow, a “View Source” is pretty strange… I’m trying to context-click on the map and don’t see a menu in Firefox, that’s odd too.I’d be curious about total development cost, on a per-browser basis… Google is investing heavily in DHTML apps, and it would be great to learn the exact business aspects of that decision.

  5. Greg Burch says:

    Very nicely done, I really like it. I dont know if you saw the flash app I started that handles mapping…of course nit as complete as this.

  6. jdehaan says:

    I guess “nicely executed web app (if you’re using a target browser)” would have been a better title… thus showing one of the best benefits of using Flash. Agree regarding the interesting business decision – one I’ve seen on occassion and I’ve never witnessed a result that demonstrates a benefit to choosing dhtml. I’d like to hear some rational reasons regarding the choice.That said, I still think this map blows the doors off the other “popular” map systems out there ;)Thanks for sharing the geologger! That’s really cool (I like the topographical map). Are you continuing development on it?

  7. John Dowdell says:

    fwiw, Simon Willison is starting to tease the app apart, and the comments reveal links to more info:

  8. Greg Burch says:

    Jen,I plan to continue development but I may wait till 8ball depending on when thats released. Some of the mentioned features would make the app much smoother. I stopped development originally because of a client that wanted to use some of the IP in their application but that project has been delayed too long for me to depend on it. There is a lot to it that isn’t shown in that preview I just wish I had time to put together a broader example.

  9. Howdy -This is Andrei from Advanced Flash Components. I just want to let you guys know that we’ve developed Flash Component that uses Google Maps API. At this point the Google Maps Flash Component is pretty simple, it loads map data and allows to plot points. You can see the example and download a free copy at let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions, I would be happy to hear your feedback.Thanks, Andrei