runtime data binding article

A new Developer Center article goes live on runtime data binding. You can read the article here:

As always, comments, corrections, tips, and suggestions about related topics you’d like to see documented or things that’d make this article better are most welcome. I know there is a lot more that could be covered on this topic (in part limited due to word count contraints!)

Sorry, but I might not be able to personally answer additional questions in the comments below due to current and severe time constraints. However, still ask them. If you have questions you’d like to see answered in future docs, or examples added to future documentation or articles – please let us know in the comments.

2 Responses to runtime data binding article

  1. brandon says:

    Hey Jen,Nice article. :)I just wanted to say how great I think it is that you are showing folks how to write the code ( and understand what it is you are doing ) and not just clicking and dragging onto the stage ( with blind faith that it will work ).

  2. log2e says:

    Thanks for this article! However, I am missing the set up of a runtime data binding between an XMLConnector and a DataSet. This seems to be a more complex task then the data binding between two UI components.