satellite images in Flash

Loosely staying with the theme of maps, this time check out a really cool Flash implementation of a satellite image viewer. You might be able find and zoom into your house (I did!)

Check it out the top 10 images here:

You could even catch an image of a building, such as our new office here.

Just need another zoom level to spot those pedestrians 😉

9 Responses to satellite images in Flash

  1. peter says:

    WOW, that’s very cool!I bet this would make for a really sweet game of “Where’s Waldo: Deluxe San Francisco Edition”!I agree though, if they added another level of zooming, you could have a lot of fun trying to identify various crimes being committed around town.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like they are using the Zoomify Flash product. Check out their site for some really amazing zoom images. I met these guys at JavaOne back when we were just releasing Flash MX. Nice group of guys with amazingly fast image processing.

  3. zeh says:

    Pretty nice flash app.There are actually some pretty cool third-party 3d apps that can zoom to the most extent possible (usually 1meter:1pixel, or 30cm:1pixel on some american cities) while animating everything around a 3d planet and all that gimick. Very cool to play with it, trying to find your house by zooming on alone…From that kind of software, I think the best right now is the the one named ‘KeyHole’.http://www.keyhole.comIt can find from addresses, points of interest, lat/long, etc. There’s a free/trial/whatever version available (has watermarks) so anyone can download and play with it.NASA also has a very cool similar application, and free – NASA World Wind. doesn’t have as many databases as KeyHole, or the zoom level is not so deep, but it’s free and has some geographical data which allows you to view the terrain in 3d or some other views.Oh, and forget about getting to see much of what’s going on right now from those pictures – many of the image databases are usually a few years old.

  4. “You might be able find and zoom into your house (I did!)”That’s what that whooshing sound was — well next time please stop for tea Jen : ).

  5. Matt Turner says:

    wow that IS cool. I was staying in oakland over christmas so i checked out all the places i went to in the city. Now if only they did a bit more to the right i could have tried to find my fiances house.But yeah, i’m seriously impressed, you can make out the wake on the boats and everything.

  6. John says:

    Poster is correct about Zoomify. Our imagery and that component are a match made in heaven. In the Top 10 feature, some databinding to an XML file drives initial zoom levels and xy coords. In the zoom to the Macromedia offices, all parameters are driven through the URL string. The IKONOS satellite generally has a resolution of 1 meter per pixel. Great for picking out the cars, tanks, planes, ships and buildings. But it would take an awfully big pedestrian for IKONOS to see him/her. The satellite has imaged lots of people together like at football games, but not just a single person. Give it a few years. The image was taken Aug. 28, 2004. Space Imaging takes hundreds of images per day and has more than a million images archived from around the world.

  7. in_awe says:

    hey.. not sure if i’m looking in the right place, but how do I zoom in on a region of my choice? All i can access is a gallery of a galleries preset regions!

  8. John says:

    Zooming in anywhere is a great feature. I’m working toward that goal (with address too). There is a tool called CARTERRA Online that shows the IKONOS archive. You can search and view the holdings, but resolution is limited to 16 meters. You can find it here or It’s FREE although you do have to register.

  9. allycatherine says:

    How about a graphic indicating absolute location? The zoom is not as visually friendly as the little red arrows from tourist maps.