[OT] Playstation PSP

Stood in line at 8am at the local Best Buy to get the new Sony PSP. I got it set up on the short drive to work (as passenger!) and managed a quick game of Wipeout. This thing absolutely rules – graphics, design, features, games, things it comes with. Absolutely blows the DS out of the water. There are already 13 games out (according to EB), and the Best Buy dude said another 30 by the end of the month.

Highly recommended. If you’re in 601, come check it out 😉

5 Responses to [OT] Playstation PSP

  1. jdehaan says:

    By the way, have wipeout pure, need for speed underground rivals, and spiderman 2 games. Will review them tonight on the http://flash-mx.com/news blog.

  2. Scott Fegette says:

    SWEET!I may have to swing by and check it out later today… and live vicariously thru your new purchase :)Looking forward to the Wipeout review- that series are on my short list of favorite PS/PS2 games.

  3. Alen Ramos says:

    Yeah the PSP looks so awsome. I am going to get one when I get some free time. I really want to play the game Metal Gear Acid that they released. I heard they are going to release a camera that plugs into the PSP eventually.

  4. Max says:

    I have the PSP. Also purchased the Sony entertainment pack that includes a memory stick duo. Sony has a website to download music and the entertainment pack lets you download 10 free tracks. The only problem is; they don’t tell you on the package the platform you need to download the songs. I found out the hardway that the site (called “connect”)won’t download just any version of Microsoft. One needs the XP platform. I have ME. Do you know any sites that download music that’s compatible with Microsoft ME ?.

  5. jdehaan says:

    Max: sorry, not sure about the platform issue.Ridge Racer and Mercury on order. So far, Lumines is the best. Not enough time to play much though…