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USA Today article: “In a Flash, cell phones could be dynamic”

The following USA Today article by Jefferson Graham is about Macromedia and mobile technology. Some interesting tidbits about the growth of Flash in this area – great for developers and designers alike.

Older but related news is the Nokia deal that was signed earlier this year:

And the developer release of Flash Lite, so you can start developing mobile phone apps right now (if you have one of the phones in the list…):

Macromedia MAX 2005 in Anaheim

Macromedia MAX 2005!

October 16-19, 2005
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, CA

We are pleased to announce MAX 2005 taking place October 16-19, in Anaheim, California. Program information, registration pricing, and more details will be available soon. Check back often for the most recent MAX information.
We look forward to seeing you in Anaheim.
To be placed on the MAX mailing list and receive e-mail updates, please send a message to and include “subscribe to MAX list” in the subject line.


Hidden component goodness: ObjectDumper

Get better results with the ObjectDumper! Try this out.

1. Add the DataBindingClasses to your Library (find it in the Classes common library).
2. Add the following ActionScript code to Frame 1 of the Timeline:

var my_dp:Array = new Array({name:’Grissom, M.’, avg:0.279}, {name:’Bonds, B.’, avg:0.362}, {name:’Cruz, D.’, avg:0.292}, {name:’Snow, J.’, avg:0.327});

3. Test the SWF. Your output should be:

[object Object],[object Object],[object Object],[object Object]

Not very helpful.

4. Comment out this: trace(my_dp);

5. Now add the following line to the end of your code:


6. Test the SWF again, and marvel at the improved results:
[{avg: 0.279, name: “Grissom, M.”},
{avg: 0.362, name: “Bonds, B.”},
{avg: 0.292, name: “Cruz, D.”},
{avg: 0.327, name: “Snow, J.”}]