USA Today article: “In a Flash, cell phones could be dynamic”

The following USA Today article by Jefferson Graham is about Macromedia and mobile technology. Some interesting tidbits about the growth of Flash in this area – great for developers and designers alike.

Older but related news is the Nokia deal that was signed earlier this year:

And the developer release of Flash Lite, so you can start developing mobile phone apps right now (if you have one of the phones in the list…):

7 Responses to USA Today article: “In a Flash, cell phones could be dynamic”

  1. mikey says:


  2. Moca says:

    Jen,When trying to develop for FLash Lite, it is a bit dificult to find Flash 4 documentation. Do you have any info on that?Thanks,Moca

  3. Glen Gummess says:

    Greetings,I am trying to fade up a movie clip from an alpha of 100 to 0 dynamically. The article at was very helpful. However, the code I’m trying to implement ismy_mc.alphaTo(0, 3, “linear”)…in which the movie clip (my_mc), fades to 0 in 3 seconds.I’ve imported transitions and easing classes successfully in my FLA file, but I can’t implement this code, even though the “help” in Flash MX Professional 2004 seems to suggest that I can do this.Thoughts? Advice? Extremely grateful in advance.Glen GummessInstructional DesignerUniversity of St. Francis, Joliet, IL

  4. Rosemary Trexler says:

    Hi Jen — I’m trying to download your “Using Flash for the First Time” – (gnome) file. I choose to save to a file when I download, and the file ALWAYS opens in Dreamweaver, and I get an error message that the file won’t open. What am I doing wrong. I have tried this MANY times. I even tried opening it from the Macromedia home page . . . same error message. Many thanks, Rosemary

  5. jdehaan says:

    Hi Rosemary,The files that you’re downloading for most Developer Center articles are in a compressed ZIP format, so you need to extract the source files before you open them in Dreamweaver or Flash. Here is a tech note that explains how to download and extract files from the macromedia site:,Jen.

  6. Terry says:

    Glen,Where did you find that alphaTo() method? I can’t find it in that link that you provided.T

  7. jdehaan says:

    Glen, were you looking in Flex documentation? The alphaTo isn’t in the Flash docs…You can use complex tweens, which is in the article.//quoteUsing similar code, you set the _alpha property to fade instances in and out, instead of _x, as shown in the following code snippet:import mx.transitions.Tween;import mx.transitions.easing.*;new Tween(ball_mc, “_alpha”, Strong.easeIn, 100, 0, 3, true);HTH,Jen.