ColdFusion, Flex and FlashLite (mobile) MacroChats

Three new MacroChats announced. Sign up using the links below! (Links only active before the event – after the event is over, these links 404).

Flex Your ColdFusion Muscles
Wednesday, May 11, 2005 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM US/Eastern

Team Macromedia member, Matt Woodward will lead this live discussion
on how Macromedia Flex offers ColdFusion developers an incredibly
powerful and easy way to build Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) by
combining their existing ColdFusion skills with the new capabilities
of Flex. Matt will discuss how an existing ColdFusion application can
be given a completely new RIA interface with surprisingly little code.
Matt will also illustrate some of the fantastic data presentation
capabilities of Flex and how ColdFusion developers can give their
users a better experience with RIAs built in Flex.

What You Will Learn
– A brief overview of what Flex is and how it works
– Why you should care about Flex and RIAs
– What applications are well-suited to be built as RIAs
– How to use ColdFusion and Flex to build RIAs

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Introduction to the onTap Framework for ColdFusion
Wednesday, May 18, 2005 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM US/Eastern

Team Macromedia member Isaac Dealey will provide an introduction to
the onTap framework, a robust framework for ColdFusion application
development available under the terms of the Lesser-GPL open-source
license. The framework’s features include platform independent
database management, i18n internationalization, a wealth of form
tools, modular / reuseable display and AJAX-like interface tools.

What You Will Learn
– What is a framework?
– What is the onTap framework?
– How to display content
– How to create and populate forms
– How to validate a form
– How to create and populate forms

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Applications for Mobile Devices using Flash Lite
Thursday, May 26, 2005 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM US/Eastern

This live Macrochat features Macromedia User Group Manager, Giorgio
Natili discussing Macromedia Flash Lite and the basic knowledge to
build a successful application for mobile devices. During the session
Giorgio will focus on the building blocks and usability aspects of
mobile applications.

Giorgio is the Manager of – MMUG and his passion for
Flash drives him to write tutorials for Italian web sites dealing with
Flash and ActionScript and to be a large presence on
macromedia.general.italy (Italian Macromedia Forums) in order to help
the Italian Flashers and explain the right use of Flash to build Rich
Internet Applications. Giorgio is a freelance Flash developer who
works on mobile projects in Rome, Italy.

What You Will Learn
– Devices and OS
– Using Flash MX 2004 to develop mobile applications
– Macromedia Flash Lite
– Application design and development processes
– Mobile applications usability

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  1. AJ Canepa says:

    I tried to sign up for the last of the 3 events and the form appears to be miscoded. It requires a “how did you hear about this event” checkbox to be selected but the form would not allow me to check any of the options. I could select other checkboxes on the form. My guess about the problem is an incorrectly specified default value for the checkboxes in this section.Please let me know if this gets fixed since I’d like to learn more about FlashLite. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The time zone converter does not seem to contain US/Eastern time zone?

  3. jdehaan says:

    Sorry to say I’m not involved in these events (I can try sending your feedback on though). Please contact the emails on the registration page for feedback, problems, info, and suggestions. Might be the fastest and most direct way to solve the issue and register for the event in time.