Flash docs – now localized in Pirate?

If anyone be like me, you like pirates. And on occassion (to the irritation of co-workers), you speak in Pirate.

So I was thinking, why don’t we localize the documentation to Pirate? Would any of you strapping young buckaneers read it? Would it help make Flash easier? We’d easily have the capability to translate to Pirate, thanks to online Pirate translators.

For example, might see something along the lines of:

Usin’ layers
Layers be like transparent sheets o’ acetate stacked on top o’ each other. Layers help ye organize th’ artwork in yer document. Ye can draw an’ edit objects on one layer without affectin’ objects on another layer. ‘ere thar be nothin’ on a layer, ye can be seein’ through ‘t t’ th’ layers below. T’ draw, paint, or otherwise modify a layer or folder, ye select th’ layer t’ make ‘t active. A pencil icon next t’ a layer or folder name indicates that th’ layer or folder be active. Only one layer can be active at a time (although more than one layer can be selected at a time). When ye create a new Flash document, ‘t contains one layer. Ye can add more layers t’ organize th’ artwork, animation, an’ other elements in yer document. Th’ number o’ layers ye can create be limited only by yer computer`s memory, an’ layers do nay increase th’ file size o’ yer published SWF file. Ye can hide, lock, or rearrange layers. Ye can also organize an’ manage layers by creatin’ layer folders an’ placin’ layers in them. Ye can expand or collapse layers in th’ Timeline without affectin’ what ye be seein’ on th’ Stage. `Tis a good idee t’ use separate layers or folders fer sound files, actions, frame labels, an’ frame comments. This helps ye find these items smartly when ye need t’ edit them. In addition, ye can use special guide layers t’ make drawin’ an’ editin’ easier, an’ mask layers t’ help ye create sophisticated effects. Fer an interactive introduction t’ workin’ wi’ layers in Flash, select Help > How Do I > Basic Flash > Work wi’ Layers.

This section contains th’ followin’ topics:
* Creatin’ layers an’ layer folders
* Viewin’ layers an’ layer folders
* Editin’ layers an’ layer folders
* Organizin’ layers an’ layer folders
* Usin’ guide layers

Ya horn swollgin’ swabbie!

[This pirate-speak version of our documentation is courtesy of the much awesome web site: www.syddware.com/cgi-bin/pirate.pl.]