Help panel: Ctrl+F now works!

As the title says! In earlier versions of Flash, Ctrl+F just didn’t work in conjunction with Help. Well, now it does. Go to a help page in Flash 8 docs, and press Ctrl+F or Command+F on the Mac — the Find box opens like magic. Really helps you locate stuff in those longer Help pages…

2 Responses to Help panel: Ctrl+F now works!

  1. Alexandre Madurell says:

    Cool!Thinking about Ctrl+…Does Flash 8’s simulate download feature work with MovieClipLoader (in MX2004 it kinda didn’t, so you had to test your swf in a server). Ctrl+Enter… Ctrl+Enter…See ya 😉

  2. nuno mira says:

    Maybe we’ll have ‘find as you type’ in the next version and Ctrl+F won’t be necessary!