Terminology section in Flash 8 docs

There is a lot of terminology in ActionScript, and Flash of course. One of the later efforts in documenting Flash was a brand new terminology page for ActionScript, which you can see on LiveDocs here:


Or search “Terminology” in the Help panel, you’ll find it here:

Learning ActionScript 2.0 in Flash > Terminology

If you are an ActionScript expert, then this page will be of little use to you. But if you’re learning ActionScript, hopefully this page will be useful.

But that’s not why I’m blogging.

This page is not comprehensive (it’s manual and was kinda developed unofficially while going along, instead of consciously as a specific project. Sorry… but better than nothin’? heh.) Actually, I’m sure it could easily quadruple its length, at which time I think we’d need to reconsider the format. I digress…

What I’d like to ask is any terms – about ActionScript specifically (not necessary Flash, unless it’s a feature related to AS) – please comment on LiveDocs (Terminology page on LiveDocs) and say “Please add this term ____”. You don’t need to define it unless you’d like to, but it will greatly help develop this page into something increasingly useful for everyone.


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