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My first site of the week:

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  1. jeanphilippe says:

    Hi Jen,yes google video is great , but why playback are currently not available ?

  2. Jen deHaan says:

    It’s playing here for me… maybe it was down for a second?

  3. Dear Jen deHaan!!First i should say tanks for your usefull articles in macromedia web site.recently i download your DataGrid Column Editor from macromedia website and install it with extention manager but i can’t find it in flash authoring environment even in command menu.i use flash 8 perfesional.please guide me.tank you so much.yours sincereiman_mjt

  4. cosmin says:

    O yeah!The boys are back.:))

  5. Michael says:

    That is hilarious… 🙂

  6. Jen says:

    Iman –The column editor wizard actually pops up when you click the star button in the Component inspector. If you installed the Data Connection Wizard (separate), you should see it in the Commands menu. Also, to see the DataGrid column editor wizard, make sure you use the DataGrid in the UI Components folder, not the one in the User Interface folder (which installs with Flash 8).Drag the datagrid to the Stage, open the component inspector, click the star button near the top of the panel, and you’ll see the column editor.Also, make sure you read this tech note and do not overwrite your databinding classes: make sure you restart Flash 8.Hope that helps,Jen.

  7. Jen deHaan says:

    Awesome – more asian backstreet! “alexingb” from Flash 8 Forums for the link 🙂

  8. lac says:

    No less adorable than a basket of warm puppies. Kept me smiling the whole time.

  9. John Beale says:

    More like this please. Thanks!

  10. Jan Kratochvil says:

    🙂 Good relax, the boys are great!

  11. peter says:

    That rocks!

  12. Richard Deutsch says:

    Jen,I love your tutorials. I think you are an excellent teacher. I have a question. Have you done any tutorials on close captioning in Flash where you use XML?

  13. ag_silversilkroad says:

    hi jen!sent u 2 mails(ejepo and answer.

  14. jen d. says:

    I don’t believe I’ve received them (unless you sent them today, in which case I only read email at night) – I don’t recognize your user name, and definitely haven’t received any messages to both addresses.Might want to try again?