Notes from MAX 2005 keynote (being updated)

Notes taken at the MAX 2005 general session/keynote.

Please excuse the rough/unedited nature of these notes!

Notes from the MAX 2005 keynote. Over 3000 in attendence (standing room only – or sitting on the floor at the back in my case).Ze Frank – Opened the keynote with a very humorous talk.Steven Elop -100 million people have downloaded FP8.400,000 during this [1.5 hr] keynote.New ways to communicate with customers (blogs, knowledge base) this past year.Mobile – Lots of announcements in the past year from Samsung and Nokia.Tomorrow – announcements for mobile in north america where you (developers) can make money.FlashCast soon in north america.Microsoft: two words to MS: “try again”.New ways to participate in the development of Flash Player.—-Kevin Lynch:Check out Tim O’Reillys document on his blog about “what is web 2.0”.* Now: Studio 8, FP8, Flash Lite 1.1, flex 1.5.36,000 people have seen presentations about the product.1.5 million have downloaded Studio 8Flash Lite 2.0: AS2 based.* Coming soon (very soon):New line of products – Flex Builder 2, Flex Enterprise Services 2, Flash Player 8.5.Flash Player 8.5: New VM for AS3.0AS3.0 – performance improvements, EMCAScript standard language, DOM Level 3 even tmodel, E4X (ECMAScript for XML), Regular expressions, runtime error checking as opposed to only at compile time.Flex Builder 2: Based on Eclipse. Pricing will be under $1000 for Flex Builder 2. Compiler is built into Flex Builder 2. So everyone can start building Flex applications. Can work and build things without the Flex server.Flex Enterprise – the server version of Flex.Mercury Interactive – partnering with Macromedia to test Flex. Integration between Flex and Mercury’s performance and quality center to test and optimize enterprise Flex applications.This is up in *Macromedia Labs*. You can go sign up and download alpha (etc) builds of products. You can go get Flex Builder NOW from the Macromedia Labs site:* Future:- Future ScenarioSample site shown of what a “future website” might look like, and things it might be able to do. For ex: HTML and Flash integration, RFID (barcodes), offline and online, phone integration, print, and so on.- Architecture- “Apollo universal client”Flash and HTML integration. Run outside the browser (ie: locally on your computer). MXML, Flash, HTML, PC/mobile frameworks. Server-side: web services.Scripting and display integrationData syncOnline/offline,Desktop integrationNotificationone-click installationUpdate managementSecure sandboxWill be posted on Macromedia Labs when it gets to alpha stage.—-Bruce Chizen:Talking about intentions.Goal to provide an engagement platform.At the core Flash/PDF. Applicatios that are cross platform. Common user interfaces to increase productivity.Commitment and promise for more compelling demos next year at this time.

7 Responses to Notes from MAX 2005 keynote (being updated)

  1. rd says:

    Not being at max, what is “Apollo universal client”?

  2. Apollo is the code name for the next version of Macromedia Central I’m guessing.

  3. chall3ng3r says:

    great, it would be super if you post pics as well.// chall3ng3r //

  4. John Dowdell says:

    I don’t think it’s mechanically related to Central, so much as thematically related to it.. we still have the same out-of-browser needs (persistence, context-awareness, personal data control, etc), and one way or another these needs will be satisfied.(I don’t have any first-hand knowledge of the Apollo project myself… just working off what I saw in the keynote.)(And thanks for typing these up, Jen! :)jd/mm

  5. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been anticipating a MAX announcement regarding “Central 2.0” in the wake of Flash 8. Central 1.5 was like a cocked gun that was never fired. When will we get more information about Apollo?I’ve also been waiting for the Flash on Mobile to become more tightly integrated with Flash on the Desktop/Console. I’m waiting to write applications for this. Here’s that link again:

  6. Thanks for the notes, Jen. I’ve been making my way through the AS3 live docs and I must say MM has done a nice job of cleaning up the API and the language implementation. The fixing of the issue with class scope within event handlers is marvelous, and overall the API looks significantly cleaner. Thanks, it looks like this will be fun to play with!I’m also looking forward to the mobile announcements, and if you happen to be there for those announcements, I would love to see your notes on that.

  7. Jen says:

    I think it might have been the Brew announcement: (w/ few links to other blogs).Although, the news they’d be joining forces isn’t new news. Not sure if something else was announced as well, but there is some news about upcoming mobile authoring features from the sneak peeks (