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Flash documentation – for Adobe

Yesterday I turned in my offer letter to Adobe, so officially I’m now working on Adobe Flash documentation. Which feels pretty weird to type (and see – check out and click on the About this Site link!) My partners in crime (other writers on Flash and Flash Player teams) are exactly the same as well. No departures – good news.

Things are business as usual for the Flash team as well – see Mike Downey’s post about that here:

It has been a pretty tense/intense week around here. Lots of emotions (nervous, sadness, relief). Although there’s a lot of good news, there’s also some sad news about departures from both companies. I wish all of those people leaving the best of luck – I know they won’t need it because they’re all so talented. Actually, speaking of which, Alan Musselman summed some things up very nicely in his post here.

I do look forward to continuing on with the Flash team and documentation. The department I’m in is now called the “Learning Resources team” (it was called “IMD” at Macromedia). It’s pretty exciting to be in a much bigger group, with more resources (or so it seems) – meaning we’ll be able to offer you better “stuff”.

(PS: Sorry for the temporary fugly blog design – I lost the original and needed to update it on the asap. Will make a new one soon!)

Adobe’s press release: Adobe’s Acquisition of Macromedia Expected to Close on December 3, 2005…