Flash documentation – for Adobe

Yesterday I turned in my offer letter to Adobe, so officially I’m now working on Adobe Flash documentation. Which feels pretty weird to type (and see – check out http://www.adobe.com/motiondesign and click on the About this Site link!) My partners in crime (other writers on Flash and Flash Player teams) are exactly the same as well. No departures – good news.

Things are business as usual for the Flash team as well – see Mike Downey’s post about that here: weblogs.macromedia.com/md/archives/2005/12/things_still_mo.cfm

It has been a pretty tense/intense week around here. Lots of emotions (nervous, sadness, relief). Although there’s a lot of good news, there’s also some sad news about departures from both companies. I wish all of those people leaving the best of luck – I know they won’t need it because they’re all so talented. Actually, speaking of which, Alan Musselman summed some things up very nicely in his post here.

I do look forward to continuing on with the Flash team and documentation. The department I’m in is now called the “Learning Resources team” (it was called “IMD” at Macromedia). It’s pretty exciting to be in a much bigger group, with more resources (or so it seems) – meaning we’ll be able to offer you better “stuff”.

(PS: Sorry for the temporary fugly blog design – I lost the original and needed to update it on the asap. Will make a new one soon!)

7 Responses to Flash documentation – for Adobe

  1. Jason Pippin says:

    It is weird indeed seeing all these Macromedia -> Adobe things unfolding. I’m not sure how I like the way Adobe is implimenting the changes, but I’m sure in the long run it will work out somehow… hopefully?Anyway, best of luck to you and on the new Adobe documentation.

  2. Michael Kinkaid says:

    I went to macromedia.com tonight and nearly fell off my chair. I knew the acquisition was happening but seeing Adobe everywhere renders the same effect as seeing your ex with someone new.Well if Macromedia is going to ‘move on’ perhaps I should do the mature thing, stop pouting, and wish them a bright future together!Keep up the great work.

  3. Jason3D says:

    Again, it’s great to hear how well things have turned out. I’m glad to know you’ll continue to be a part of what makes Flash so great.

  4. Linda says:

    What can I say? I wish you the best of luck. Don’t get upset, the job is vital but that is not everything in life. As for the software, it is getting more and more complicated everyday. We can’t live without lots of things that seemed excessive several years ago, so probably those changes are also for good. If not, but the book about Murphy’s Laws. I enjoy it tremendously (by the way some people say he was an optimist).

  5. ricland says:

    I’m trying to follow the tutorial below, but one I can to step 8, I can an error message saying “Making this change wouuld requuire changing code that is locked by the template or translator. Changes will be discarded.”But the template is the one downloaded for the exercise.Here’s the tutorial and downloadPresenting Video with Video component in Dreamweaver 8http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/flash/articles/flv_tutorial_02.html

  6. Erland Flaten says:

    Good luck to evrybody working in the new company 🙂 I hope Adobe/Macromedia will make good products.I wish even more luck to softwaremakers NOT working in Adobe. competition is needed and ther is now much less competition. Good to see things like CSSedit , Xyle, and more at least is there….And that DW 8 is better!

  7. I hope Adobe keeps Dreamweaver as a brand and platform and folds Golive features into an interface that so many people know and enjoy. I also hope that Flash stays Flash in the same sense and that they pour Motion technology into the existing Flash interface. Glad you got to keep your job. I’d be flustered if that were me as well. I look forward to seeing the best web development software ever!David Martinezhttp://www.futurefront.com/