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Flash Player version penetration: new stats are up for Flash Player 8

The new NPD survey results are online for Flash Player 8. Please take a look at the amazing results here:

Worldwide Ubiquity of Macromedia Flash Player by Version – December 2005

For Flash Player 8, note:

US: 45.2%
Canada: 56% (!!!)
Europe: 55.1%

Way to go, Player 8!

Jen’s site of the week: Sega Labs

Site of the week time!

So, you’ve seen Adobe labs, but did you realize Sega has a labs too?

A very well done and humorous Flash site (I didn’t even mind it resizing my browser), including Flash video and tight integration with the site content. Notice how the guy reacts to the videos while they’re playing, random stuff he does like acting annoyed after the videos are over and the “camera” is still rolling. Very well done – check it out even if you aren’t into video games that blow things up using high explosive projectiles (how ’bout THAT fireball!)

Great and fitting background music too. And gives you a tantalizing look into the development of video games that provide you with a great post-apocalyptic experience. Because remember, experience matters.

Adobe Production Studio – released!

The Adobe Production Studio has been released to the world:

It comes in a few different flavors:

Adobe After Effects 7.0 Standard
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
Adobe Photoshop CS2

Adobe After Effects 7.0 Professional
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
Adobe Audition 2.0
Adobe Encore 2.0
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Illustrator CS2

Adobe Video Bundle:
Adobe After Effects 7.0 Professional
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
Adobe Audition 2.0
Adobe Encore 2.0
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Illustrator CS2
Macromedia Flash Professional 8
Adobe Stock Photos

All of these suites/bundles come with Adobe Dynamic Link and Adobe Bridge.

For more info, see:

Production Studio

Adobe Video Bundle

Adobe Dynamic Link

John Nack’s blog entry

Key new features to look into are Dynamic Link (easily move content from program to program – it totally rules), the new interface (panels vs palettes), and new FLV capabilities in the software.

Jen’s site of the week 2 – Ultimate Showdown

A great (well, funny) Flash “music video” – a total must see:

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (click the subtitles button at the bottom…)

Plus, watch for the Arrested Development reference (tell your friends! Save Our Bluths!)

excellent article on Lightroom

An absolutely excellent article about the beta release of Adobe Lightroom (check out the beta – download from


This article introduces a bit of history and background about photo editing software, RAW images, useful links, and – most importantly -offers a very detailed how-to for Lightroom (with screenshots). If you just downloaded the beta and you want to learn more about Lightroom, or just want to learn more about editing photos, this article is highly recommended.

Watch the Macworld keynote online

Apple has posted the Macworld keynote online in (what else) QuickTime format.

You can find it here:

More stuff to watch! Want to see the address to the MM Developer community from Adobe? You can find it here:

New apple splash up with all the new stuff (new sites for macbook and new iMac)

Also, the apple store is now up:

Death of the Powerbook: new MacBook Pro

New MacBook Pro – 4-5x faster, includes Intel dual processor.
All MacBook Pros have dual processor.
No more Powerbooks!
Include ISight, has a 15.4in LCD.
Thin: 1in.
Works with Apple’s remote control.
Uses magnets to keep the power adapter in
DVI out for 30in monitors.
$1999 and $2499 – From “The 1.67GHz model will sell for $1,999 and includes 512MB of memory an an 80GB hard drive as well as a drive that can burn both DVDs and CDs. The $2,499 model will include more memory and a faster processor. ”

Today: Taking orders.
Shipping: February.

Update: Site is up – check it:

Macworld – New Mac systems released with Intel (avail today!)

The Mac and Intel news has been buzzing for awhile. Today, announcements were just made at the Macworld keynote. The new computers were said to be ready by June of this year, but Steve says that both Intel and Apple are ready.


The first Mac with Intel processor is ready today! An iMac with built in iSight. They’re rolling it out today (the iMac with intel) – according to, it looks the same as today’s iMac.

Word from
Intel processor 2-3x faster than iMac G5 (overall)
17 and 20”
Two cores, both faster than G5
ATI x1600

All products transitioning throughout 2006.
Apple store is still down…


Also, the apple store is now up:

Macworld keynote in progress – new FM tuner, new Tiger/iLife (updated)

Checking those blogs for updates from the Macworld keynote (I wish I was there, only a few blocks away) – some news so far is a new FM tuner that works with 5g ipods and the nano. It appears to be a remote control much like their existing one that attaches to the headphones. When plugged in, you’ll see an FM option on the ipod where you select your frequency. Sounds sweet! $50 though…

New Tiger is available today 10.4.4 (it’s free). Also, a new “gigantic release” of iLife, and they seem to be going through the features right now. And “Photocasting” – podcasting your photos…

(still wondering if those Apple plasma TV rumors are true or even semi-true… so far the news isn’t too huge, I suppose Steve’s saving the best -and surprises- till last)

Check out

and (via It’s not as detailed, but it’s also the most up to date (pretty much updated every minute or two, with a 1 minute page refresh running)


New app in iLife called iWeb – use it to share content with others. Has templates, themes, and uses RSS and AJAX. Can publish things like slideshows, create blogs, etc…

The apple store is down and “busy updating the site” — ooooh.. 🙂


Also, the apple store is now up: