Flash Player version penetration: new stats are up for Flash Player 8

The new NPD survey results are online for Flash Player 8. Please take a look at the amazing results here:


Worldwide Ubiquity of Macromedia Flash Player by Version – December 2005

For Flash Player 8, note:

US: 45.2%
Canada: 56% (!!!)
Europe: 55.1%

Way to go, Player 8!

5 Responses to Flash Player version penetration: new stats are up for Flash Player 8

  1. We Canadians lova da Flash.

  2. Metah says:

    Wondering how representative is it. Is there any other stats about FP penetration?I’m making a little study about it. But It’s still young.

  3. jen d. says:

    There’s more information about the methodology here, which might help answer the first question:http://www.macromedia.com/software/player_census/npd/As for other third-party stats, I have known some people in passing to discuss what their own website visitors have installed, but nothing large scale or formal. A google search might turn up some results (I haven’t done this, so just a guess).

  4. Jan Miller says:

    Hey, Jen deHaan!I see that you are a senior technical writer at Adobe/Macromedia. I am a student of digital media design at a small tech school in Ohio. Technical writing is what I do best and I just wondered if you could tell me how you got into it and then how you got such a cool job!Any insight you could share would be most helpful.Very Truly Yours,Jan Miller

  5. jen d. says:

    Hey Jan,Well, I started off with writing third-party books on Flash (after I learnt some skills in Flash, web stuff, some code, etc), which led to writing articles for the Developer Center, contracting for the company, and then a permanent job here. (with a few additional steps along the way, but that’s the important stuff)The advice I give to people who ask is to write as much as possible – such as online tutorials (on your website), send tutorials to Flash web sites (I’m always happy to post them on mine), write a blog. Have as much original work online as you can that demonstrates your technical skills (in Flash or whatever your main interest is) and a clear writing voice. Join email lists/forums/user groups too. Keeping up to date in the tools and the industry and networking is important. That’ll lead to finding work :)Best wishes!Jen.