Jen’s site of the week 2 – Ultimate Showdown

A great (well, funny) Flash “music video” – a total must see:

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (click the subtitles button at the bottom…)

Plus, watch for the Arrested Development reference (tell your friends! Save Our Bluths!)

4 Responses to Jen’s site of the week 2 – Ultimate Showdown

  1. Igor Costa says:

    LOL heheheheheWho will survey? hehe funny

  2. Philippe says:

    Amazing! I love this song (and clip) and I can’t stop hearing it in my head…:D

  3. Kevin Callahna says:

    Perhaps the funniest thing I’ve seen in years.By the way Jen, the bio info shown on your “Using Flash for ther First Time-Part1” article had me rolling too, robotic pirates… how funny! Don’t feel to bad about being “uncool”, I use the word “nifty” in conversation and think it’s normal. Long live us geeks!

  4. Jen d. says:

    Absolutely – power to the geeks! Glad you liked the bio – I enjoy creating them 🙂