Jen’s site of the week: Sega Labs

Site of the week time!

So, you’ve seen Adobe labs, but did you realize Sega has a labs too?

A very well done and humorous Flash site (I didn’t even mind it resizing my browser), including Flash video and tight integration with the site content. Notice how the guy reacts to the videos while they’re playing, random stuff he does like acting annoyed after the videos are over and the “camera” is still rolling. Very well done – check it out even if you aren’t into video games that blow things up using high explosive projectiles (how ’bout THAT fireball!)

Great and fitting background music too. And gives you a tantalizing look into the development of video games that provide you with a great post-apocalyptic experience. Because remember, experience matters.

9 Responses to Jen’s site of the week: Sega Labs

  1. Looks like just a welcome page and no content will be available until Feb. 15th. 🙁

  2. jen d. says:

    No, it’s much more than a welcome page! I don’t know why the text is there, but the stuff I’m talking about is up there and running. WAtch the movie above that text – that’s the video stuff I discuss above.

  3. jen d. says:

    BTW, I suspect they mean the game is available Feb 15. Not the site.

  4. brian j says:

    Yeah it’s a cool site for sure. It was released in November last year as I remember seeing it at

  5. peter says:

    Yeah, the game is released for Xbox 360 on the 15th, although if you have Xbox Live! you can download a demo level.

  6. Alfred Mont says:

    Jen.. Where can I get support for your “Using Flash for the First Time – Part 2: Adding Symbols, Animation, and ActionScript”I am having trouble drawing a rectangle when NO color is selected. I can’t even see a box with the selection tool. HOWEVER, if a color is selected either in the border/fill color palette tool, I can see the box in a cross-hatch pattern (but with a color that covers the entire Gnome). Any ideas what am I doing wrong? Yes..i know I am a complete newbie but no one in the forum seems to know what am I doing wrong.Any hints, clues would be enormously appreciated. Thanks.Alfred Mont

  7. jen d. says:

    Hi there,You want to have the rectangles fill color with a color selected. You should only set the stroke color to no color. You’re right when you create a box that covers the entire banner – that will be the Hit area of the button (as you’re drawing in the Hit frame inside the button at that point). When you click back on the main stage, after creating the rectangle with a fill, you will see a semi-transparent teal box over the banner. This represents the area where your users will be able to click.I hope that helps!Jen.

  8. Alfred Mont says:

    That did the trick Jen. Thanks a million for your response. The tutorial is quite thorough. Now it’s just a matter of time to learn ActionScript. I reckon the infamous “F1” should do the trick…Thanks again Jen for a great tutorial.Alfred

  9. jen d. says:

    Great to hear, glad it worked!!Jen.