Macworld keynote in progress – new FM tuner, new Tiger/iLife (updated)

Checking those blogs for updates from the Macworld keynote (I wish I was there, only a few blocks away) – some news so far is a new FM tuner that works with 5g ipods and the nano. It appears to be a remote control much like their existing one that attaches to the headphones. When plugged in, you’ll see an FM option on the ipod where you select your frequency. Sounds sweet! $50 though…

New Tiger is available today 10.4.4 (it’s free). Also, a new “gigantic release” of iLife, and they seem to be going through the features right now. And “Photocasting” – podcasting your photos…

(still wondering if those Apple plasma TV rumors are true or even semi-true… so far the news isn’t too huge, I suppose Steve’s saving the best -and surprises- till last)

Check out

and (via It’s not as detailed, but it’s also the most up to date (pretty much updated every minute or two, with a 1 minute page refresh running)


New app in iLife called iWeb – use it to share content with others. Has templates, themes, and uses RSS and AJAX. Can publish things like slideshows, create blogs, etc…

The apple store is down and “busy updating the site” — ooooh.. 🙂


Also, the apple store is now up:

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