New apple splash up with all the new stuff (new sites for macbook and new iMac)

Also, the apple store is now up:

5 Responses to New apple splash up with all the new stuff (new sites for macbook and new iMac)

  1. John says:

    Hi,I’m reading you online lessons on flash Pro 8. Using Flash For The First Time (Part 2) I’m on page 4. So no problem, until I get to this line, ( Select the PNG file that’s inside the movie clip and press F8 to convert it into another symbol. ) I don’t get it, what dose this mean? And how do you do this?

  2. jen d. says:

    Hi,Earlier in the tutorial you imported a PNG file into the document. If you look in the library, you can probably see it listed there.Anyway, you dragged the PNG file onto the Stage, and then converted it into a movie clip. For this process (the one you’re noting above), you’re opening that movie clip, and selecting the PNG that’s inside it.So, double click the movie clip, and then click the PNG file (the image on the Stage). Then you’ll see a greyish box surround the image, which means it’s selected.When you see that box, press F8. That will convert it into another symbol (you do this so you can animate it inside the movie clip you created earlier).Hope that helps.

  3. Christijan says:

    I ran into this same problem (now in Flash CS3) of not being able to find the PNG file mentioned in Part 2 of Using Flash For The First Time. I’ve gone back through the tutorials (1 and 2) and I can’t find any mention of a PNG file. The only two files I imported were the gnome PSD file and the join_us AI file. I also can’t find a PNG file in the downloaded support files either. Am I missing something?

  4. jen d. says:

    Can you let me know which tutorial you’re viewing that mentions the PNG file? The Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8 versions use a PNG file, but the Flash CS3 version uses the PSD and AI files instead. Hopefully I changed all instances of PNG to AI and PSD in the new tutorial, but it’s possible I missed a mention.

  5. jen d. says:

    Ah ha! Found it in the Flash CS3 version of the tutorial. On page 4 ( ), step 4 there was an incorrect reference to select a PNG file. I have now updated the step to:Select everything inside the movie clip and press F8 to convert the artwork into another new movie clip symbol. To select all of the artwork, you can click and drag the mouse diagonally over the stage, or hold Shift while you click the three keyframes in the Timeline.