No more name at 601

Off topic post warning: When passing by the front of the building today, noticed that we lost our old MM name off the front.




Also noticed some new “frosting” of the logo on the glass doors into the lobby. Nice touch – Macromedia never did that.

The letters were auctioned off for charity last year (each letter individually auctioned) – would have been very cool to win, but the letters I was after ended up getting a bit too rich for my blood 🙂

3 Responses to No more name at 601

  1. Hi Jen!You know… external appearance changes over time. It’s still pretty weird for me to say “Adobe Flash”, “Adobe Fireworks”, “Adobe Dreamweaver”… but I’m confident that all those of you in that building aren’t but still getting better and better at what you do best (that is… making the web what it can be, and keeping us in awe while at it).Have a great 2006!! 😉

  2. mikey says:

    Lame. Still can’t believe Macromedia got played like a sucker.

  3. it looks like a train station.