New ActionScript Best Practices guide on Developer Center

A new version of the AS best practices guide has been posted on the developer center. It’s mostly what you can find in the documentation, but reformatted and relinked. The Flash 8 ActionScript version has also been seriously trimmed from the 2004 version (much of the Flash-centric best practices will be in an upcoming Flash Best Practices).

Check “ActionScript 2.0 Best Practices” out here:

Print version:

ALSO (update):

In PDF format:

In your Help panel:[i] [b]Learning ActionScript 2.0 in Flash > Best Practices and Coding Conventions for ActionScript 2.0[/b] [/i]

In LiveDocs:

Any suggestions/additions welcome! Stay tuned for the Flash 8 Best Practices guide.

8 Responses to New ActionScript Best Practices guide on Developer Center

  1. adrian says:

    Thanks for this but for the sake of legibility could you please avoid the use of background gradients.

  2. jen d. says:

    Definitely valid feedback if a gradient is appearing behind the text (mine doesn’t appear that way) – probably want to send that feedback with your specs to the web team. Best way to reach the people working on that site is to click “Send Feedback” button at the bottom of a page on the Macromedia web site.

  3. adrian says:

    Done. The Note above the Requirements heading is particularly difficult to read being grey text on a grey background.

  4. jen d. says:

    On all the browsers I’ve used to read the Dev center (mac/win) it’s grey text on a white background (the gradient only appears on the sides of the page, the article is black on white). Out of curiousity, what browser/OS are you using?I’ve posted a PDF version here:

  5. adrian says:

    I’m using Windows XP Pro SP2 and IE 6 SP2. The white background appears on the Flash Dev Centre home page but not on the article pages so the gradient is visible right across the page. HTH.Thanks for the pdf.

  6. jen d. says:

    Hmm, odd – that setup is what I primarily use. Has the formatting for you been off for other articles within the Developer center? If so, do you remember which ones? thanks!

  7. adrian says:

    I can’t recall this happening before but currently all articles seem to be affected. I checked out the ‘Easing effects’ and ‘video template’ articles and one on the Director centre.

  8. Lee says:

    I guess I’m just in the mood to comment on dated posts tonight…As part of my research for documenting our internal Flash ActionScript Coding Standards, I pored over your ActionScript 2.0 Best Practices and am happy to say I appreciated the level of detail present throughout the document. It was just right.Particularly when compared to our own Java Coding Standards, which I also read in order to gauge what topics I’m expected to cover and to what level of detail. To be fair, that document is being revised, but it is currently twice as long and leaves little wiggle room for personal taste. (And it dictates that I will put opening curly braces on their own lines, which I hate!)While there is a lot I can borrow from both documents, I am going to emulate the tone of the ActionScript 2.0 Best Practices document as much as possible — where the key message is consistency over compliance. At least, I’ll see how much of that sort of free thinking I can get away with where I work (it’s a big company with big bureaucracy).Speaking of which, how are things at Adobe?