New Resources on Adobe Labs – AS3 Class Libraries

As learnt at FlashForward keynote(, new class libraries up on Adobe Labs as follows:

1 corelib (basic utilities)
2 FlexUnit
3 Flickr
4 Mappr
5 RSS and Atom libraries
6 Odeo
7 YouTube

Check out the details, and download the open source libraries from here:

3 Responses to New Resources on Adobe Labs – AS3 Class Libraries

  1. Bill Thompson says:

    What is the association between Adobe and Macromedia?

  2. Just downloaded Flash 8 to try. Also watched the tutorials, but gave up half way through as they seemed to move off track from beginer to intermediat user. What is the best way to learn the basics of Flash 8, apologies if this is very basic for you guys, but I am a photographer and I am sure I could show you a thing or two about photography…….mark

  3. jen dehaan says:

    Hi Mark,I’m not too sure which tutorials you’re using, but this tutorial (in 3 part series) covers the basics and fundamentals of using flash 8. this helps,Jen.