Notes from FlashForward 2006 keynote – new content up on Labs site


*** Note that this is a ROUGH version! I will clean this up/fleah it out/add pictures later today ***

** Kevin Lynch

– 10 years of flash.

– Where are we going: Working on integrating PDF and Flash but “we’re not going to screw them up” (ie: “won’t be putting all of acrobat into the Flash player, but will be looking at great combinations between them”.)

– Able to deliver the “engagement platform” express self over all these different mediums/output mechanisms. PDF, Flash, HTML models. + server technologies. Consistent server-side APIs.

– Flash player penetration. Consistent adoption platforms > 98%usually 80% in a year.

– FP8, 5months ago released. Much faster than any previous release. Already surpassed 50% reach in first 5 months. 5 million installs every day. can innovate with core player tech and people can leverage it.

– Projecting June for 80% reach/penetration.

– Example demo: Jaguar 2007 XK. Using Flash player 8.

– Blaze – draggable tabs between panels (shown). Now that Adobe/MM are joined.

** Mike D:

– Discussing flash video – showing TBS web site. (humor study site). Showing Flash video on AOL music site.

– Discussing Flash video workflow.

– Showing After Effects. Incorporate video tools into Flash production. Production studio – fully support

– exporting FLV files. Showing greenscreen/transparency in AE7. Export to FLV, encode alpha channel out of AE. Then importing the FLV into the FLA. Preserving layers when you import.

– Sneak peeks of new features:

– AS3 compiler/features integrated into BLAZE. Showing Document class (text box in the PI). Use this to attach a class to the main Timeline. All references are relative to the root of the timeline.
Started to make incremental advances to the script editor. Make difference to day-to-day code editing.
1) Added ability to select a range of code and collapse it. In variety of ways – collapse a function. Shortcut keys, or assign kb shortcut to do this.
2) Select a piece of code, and block comment/line comment. Click a button to comment it out.

– First time in history of Flash – release a public alpha of BLAZE, and what you see here. When FP ships later this year, a version of Flash will be placed on labs. Get a head start of AS3 in Flash. Free for 30 days, and activate with flash 8 or studio 8 serial number.

** Kevin L.

– FlashLite 2. (AS2, FP7 calibre)

– FlashCast – hope to see in US soon. Channels, and data loads in background, so you get instant responsiveness, unlike WAP where you have to wait.

– Emulators in Flash authoring updated for FlashLite 2.

– FP8.5, two VMs. AS2 is AVM1 and AS3 in AVM2. Highly optimized for actionscript in new VM that is written from scratch. Aligning AS with ECMAScript standards. Participating in the working group.

– Adding E4X (ECMASCript for XML). Use dot syntax to use XML. Runtime error checking and regular expressions added. At runtime in app, you can use debug player to show errors like data typing incompatibility. Around that, building the Flex 2 framework.

– Showing performance increase. Showing a bunch of points / 3dCube performance difference between FP8/AS2 and FP8.5/AS3. Showing 10x performance improvement – 5fps vs 50fps.

– Creating code samples to help users with language update. The labs site will host new code samples. On, a bunch of samples and code libraries now up on Labs – Flicker, Mappr, RSS feeds, Odeo. Web services wrapped with AS3 class libraries. Source to libraries are all open source. Available this morning on the Labs site. Showing demo of MXNA/Flickr/Odeo mashup. App was built “in a few days”. UI created with Flex.

– Flex 2. Enable apps to be built more quickly. Flex framework being made free – compiler, framework, etc. Available on labs. Doesn’t require server, and you can create and deploy flex apps for free.

– Providing a tool, FlexBuilder, but you can use any tool to build flex apps.

** Sho K.

– Demoing FlexBuilder, building an app in 5 minutes. (you’d have to be here) 🙂
– It works!! (A flawless Sho performance)
– Available at
– Giving another demo on Wednesday.

** Kevin L.

– Where headed longer term with
– Apollo. Enabling applications beyond the browser. A better host for applications.
– Using the things learnt by Central to approach this new technology.

** Ed Rowe.

– Why Apollo? What is the problem being solved?

– Browser has been the dominent platform for a decade. Very successful, and for the most part the UI is cross-platform, cross-browser.

– Not perfect for all apps. Limits the richness, little or no support for offline scenarios or occassionally connected. Limited ability to work with the local system.

– Application host outside of the browser – Flash/HTML/PDF –

– Allow desktop and mobile to be built from familiar technologies. Use existing knowledge to build these apps, that can run in background, read/write local disk, more expressive apps, occassionally connected apps.

– Show hypothetical apps. Flash chrome created, showing a PDF and HTML content.

– Apollo installed by going to a webpage where you click and it will deploy the app.

– User could double-click a deployment package (you could email it, send it, etc. Not installer based, but cross-platform deployment tech).

– Users won’t really “install” or “launch” Apollo, seems much more seamless.

– Demoing an app that looks like a standalone application, a audio player.

=>> “Web applications outside the browser” << sums it up.

– <<– place for sending ideas.

– will be doing things on the labs website and blogging about Apollo.

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  1. aaron says:

    Hello, love your blog it is full of great information, but I was wondering if yu can give a hand to an inspiring flash guy…I am trying to get a little info on using one of the components in flash 8 pro but have run into a little difficulty…I am using the xml component and loading my daata through XML… This works great the drop down menu and everything else… my issue comes when you press one of the menu items that load in it is soppused to open up a document on our intranet system here at work. BUT it does not… I have tryed a couple of different scripts using get url, and adding that same link inside the XML also…I know I need at add a simple function compand to the component to make it go out and open this document but that is a little over my head and am having some trouble try to find an example of what I need so I can take a look at it and figure it out…I am wondering if going down this track might solve my problem…myPushButton.setClickHandler( functionName, [location])where as the functionName would be where I would add the string or path to the document…any light that you can shed on this for me would be greatly appreciated..thank youA Taylor

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