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Excellent article on AE, and feedback on docs and tutorials…

Steve Kilisky has linked an excellent article about 32-bit color support on his After Effects blog.

Read the entry here: The World of Color

In addition to the article link, Steve is asking for feedback on After Effects instructional content (the docs, tutorials, Resource center, and so forth) – I encourage anyone with opionions on or ideas for the After Effects content to head on over to his blog and let him know what you think!

Site of the week: Goowy

This week’s site is I went there a good while ago (from some email), but upon returning to the web site a lot has changed – looks more polished, and feature-rich.

Check the “flashy” version! Now they have RSS, games, will have storage, and so on in addition to email. (Didn’t remember any of that from when I was there the first time). They also have a desktop client — has a yahoo widgets/dashboard feel – but they’re called “minis” – also includes a very mac style “mini” to open games, mail, calendar, etc.

So if you haven’t checked out this site lately, might want to go back. It looks nice, and seems pretty useful.

Flash 8 Best Practices on Developer Center

The Flash 8 Best Practices document has been posted on the Developer Center. This is an updated version of the Flash MX 2004 Best Practices document that was out there, but doesn’t contain the ActionScript stuff (which is here instead:

Most of this can be found somewhere in the documentation, but it wasn’t consolodated into a single place. Hopefully it will be in the future 😉 But for now, it’s here on the Developer Center:


And if you have things to add (there are always best practices to add), let me know and we’ll consider everything for a future revision!