Site of the week: Goowy

This week’s site is I went there a good while ago (from some email), but upon returning to the web site a lot has changed – looks more polished, and feature-rich.

Check the “flashy” version! Now they have RSS, games, will have storage, and so on in addition to email. (Didn’t remember any of that from when I was there the first time). They also have a desktop client — has a yahoo widgets/dashboard feel – but they’re called “minis” – also includes a very mac style “mini” to open games, mail, calendar, etc.

So if you haven’t checked out this site lately, might want to go back. It looks nice, and seems pretty useful.

6 Responses to Site of the week: Goowy

  1. Ryan Stewart says:

    Nice pick, Goowy is awesome.

  2. Tega says:

    Hi Jen,I read your comments on web based personalized desktops. I was wondering if you have visited already? We are offering a similar service allowing you to read news feeds and setting up multiple pages that can be customized with local weather, address book, todo lists, event finders, TV guides and much more. Looking forward to hearing from you. Maybe you have some thoughts on what we can improve.Thanks and best regardsTegan

  3. matt says:

    cannon fodder for the anti-flash brigade – I’ve just given up after a painfully slow and unresponsive experience on a pretty high spec laptop and 2Mb connection – check out – been using it for a few months now – fast, simple and functional.

  4. keitai says:

    Hi Jen,Thanks for the good posts about flash. I added you to my blogs links. Info straight from the source :)Anywayz, just to let you knowgrtz,btw: nederlands??

  5. felix says:

    unrelated notei want to make a file uploader on a CDrom that browses the HD and selects a file to upload then displays the file or image rather in a movieclip before uploading. the problem is i cant get the path name of where i browsed for the image. all i can get is the filename. is there some way of getting the path?all i can do currently is

  6. Jonsey says:

    I checked out Altoids — looks like they’ve gone 100% video. Crazy good!