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Site of the week: denimbirds

Today’s site of the week:

It’s a company site for jeans, but it has some neat design aspects to it (I kinda dig the little intros for each section, and the cursor in the clothing galleries to click next/back after you zoom in).

Anyway, that’s all for now!

Adobe Design Center – site of the week

The Design Center (new!) is up on at this location:

It includes newly organized information, consolodates a few areas of the Adobe website, and so on. So I choose it as my site of the week. Check it out!

Free wireless, San Francisco wide

San Francisco will be blanketed with free wireless! Google and Earthlink will team up to provide the wireless, which will cost $15M. Earthlink will then charge extra for better (faster) service.

Sounds great, and I’m interested what my connection will be like out in the SF boonies where I live 😉

For all the good info:

Want to work at Adobe? Check out these Flex jobs!

There are a ton of Flex and Flex Builder positions open at Adobe – including developer, architect, engineer, and quality engineer positions. Check them out (links below), or pass them on to anyone you know who might be interested.

WW020602-Developer, Flex Enterprise:

TB010604-Senior Quality Engineer:

LM020604-Flex Builder QE Engineer:

SK120508-Quality Engineer:

SK010609-Computer Scientist:

SK120507-Computer Scientist:

WW020603-Architect, Flex Enterprise:

SK120506-Computer Scientist:

HW020602-Computer Scientist – Flex Builder: