Adobe on – send us your links!

Some of us here at Adobe have started tagging our favorite (useful) sites and tutorials on a account. What is delicious? Check this out: What are tags and tagging? See

Here’s our Adobe account: — yep, it’s a bit sparse and we haven’t finished organizing everything. A work in progress, if you will.

You can check out individual tags from that page, even book mark them or track them in an RSS reader.

So what can you do? Check it.

Create a delicious account if you don’t already have one: (note that we aren’t affiliated with delicious, so your Adobe or Macromedia accounts won’t work on this site).

Subscribe to Adobe in your delicious network. Click “Your network” and type adobe in the text box to the right of the page.

Send us your links! If you think we’ve missed a great website or tutorial – let us know! Tag the page with for:adobe to send us the link.

Subscribe to our RSS. If you use a reader, you can subscribe to our bookmarks or any of our individual tags. For example, you can subscribe to:

All tags:
Individual tags, like flash:
Multiple tags, eg flash+animation:

That’s a quick start to — there are other features, so check out the Help section on the website for more info and tips.
I hope to see your bookmarks in our inbox! Happy surfing! Questions or comments? Let me know in the comments.