New on Adobe Labs: NoteTag – from the Kiwi Project

NoteTag is the first release from the Kiwi project.

NoteTag is a proof-of-concept by a new project at Adobe currently code-named Kiwi. The Kiwi Project is an exploration of Read/Write RSS and Web 2.0 components for Adobe Flex and the Adobe Engagement Platform.
NoteTag is a sample Flex 2 application that allows users to capture notes during meetings and assign tasks within those notes to individuals. Underneath the hood, NoteTag stores notes as blog entries, formats tasks using a microformat, and uses tags to link tasks (from notes) to people. NoteTag uses a preliminary set of Kiwi Project component libraries, including an AtomProtocol library, a simple TagServerProtocol library, and an extended RSSRW library that supports setting data in an RSS feed.

Check it:

Check the Kiwi project here:

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