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Site of the Week: Nike Air website

Another nice Nike site to check out for nice/seamless video integration –

The effect on the “shoes” section of the site is quite nice.

What do you want in the Studio, Production Suite and/or Creative Suite box? Take a survey…

We’d like your input on the resources we offer to help you learn Adobe products. To learn about how you like to learn – we created a survey. It only takes a few minutes, and it will influence what we offer in the suite boxes.

Go to the CS product page, and click “What’s in the Box?”
(Or this should work as a direct link:

From the survey:

Help us create better resources for your learning needs. Please take a quick survey on the materials you’d like to see in the Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Production Studio and Macromedia Studio boxes.

Adobe Design Center: New articles and tutorials!

We recently added new content to Adobe Design Center ( ).

New Gallery (

Jozias Dawson: Gallery | Otradesign Website

New Dialog Box ( ):

Adobe on by Luanne Seymour and Jen deHaan

New Tutorials ( ):


Adobe Audition 2.0 Classroom in a Book – Includes:

Lesson 1: A quick tour of Adobe Audition
Lesson 2: Adobe Audition basics
Lesson 13: Integrating Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro


Prepare your web server for file handling using a remote folder in Dreamweaver 8 by Lucinda Dykes

Flash and After Effects

Team After Effects text animation with Flash By Tom Green and Jordan Chilcott


Get to know the completely redesigned Layout Grid in GoLive CS2 By Lynn Grillo and Adam Pratt


Map artwork to 3D surfaces with Illustrator CS2 by Mordy Golding


Use image warp presets in Photoshop CS2 By Steve Caplin

Premiere and Encore

Export a clip from Adobe Premiere Pro for use with Adobe Encore DVD by Jeff Schell

Integrating Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro

ActionScript 3.0 resources for Flash 9 AS3 preview.

Just want to draw a bit of attention to the new documentation for the Flash 9 preview. It’s all in LiveDocs, so you can leave your comments for the writers involved – this will help improve the final documentation, so I encourage you to let them know what you think. Do you want samples of something? More info on how to migrate? Coverage of a particular API? Let them know!

Overview of ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference
Flash Programming ActionScript 3.0

On the developer center, you should check out:

Exploring the Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview (an article Peter deHaan and I wrote on how to get started with AS3 in the Flash Preview).

ActionScript 3.0 Overview

New on Adobe Labs: JamJar

JamJar was release last night on Adobe Labs. What is it? JamJar is a demo that was created using Flex 2 that lets a number of people things like share files, information, talk, plan, and so forth.

Click here for more information, and to launch the app. Click here to discuss.

Adobe Design Center: New tutorials, articles, and gallery

Brand new articles, tutorials, and gallery piece on the Adobe Design Center.

New Dialog box:

Create the illusion of fire and smoke: CC Particle Systems II and After Effects 7.0
by Bob Donlon

New Gallery:

Futurefarmers in the gallery

Futurefarmers website/

New tutorials:

Save a PDF file as a Word document, HTML file, or image by Donna Baker

Make it right with the editing tools in Acrobat by Jennifer Alspach

Make motion more realistic with Motion Blur by Jeff Foster (video tutorial)

Create a complex mask in Flash 8 by Tom Green and Jordan Chilcott

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Classroom in a Book (3 lessons – Lesson 1: Touring Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Lesson 2: Taking a quick run-through of Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Lesson 3: Shooting and capturing great video assets)

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MAX 2006 Registration details

I’m sure this one is or will be blogged to death, but hey:

MAX 2006 – Adobe User Conference

October 23-26, 2006

MAX 2006, the Adobe user conference, will be held at the Venetian Resort Hotel located in Las Vegas, Nevada. There you can learn new skills, explore emerging technologies, connect with peers, and move beyond the boundaries of what you believe is possible. The conference will be made up of over 100 different hands-on and workshop sessions presented by Adobe experts and other industry leaders on best practices and coming technologies. During the event you can exchange ideas with designers, developers, and other community members at networking sessions and “birds-of-a-feather” sessions while exploring Adobe technology at a variety of events and venues, including all-day pre-conference training sessions, a Test Drive and Product Support Lab, and Sneak Peek sessions. Sign up today and get $200 off registration. Click here to register now Or to find out more details regarding the conference click here