ActionScript 3.0 resources for Flash 9 AS3 preview.

Just want to draw a bit of attention to the new documentation for the Flash 9 preview. It’s all in LiveDocs, so you can leave your comments for the writers involved – this will help improve the final documentation, so I encourage you to let them know what you think. Do you want samples of something? More info on how to migrate? Coverage of a particular API? Let them know!

Overview of ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference
Flash Programming ActionScript 3.0

On the developer center, you should check out:

Exploring the Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview (an article Peter deHaan and I wrote on how to get started with AS3 in the Flash Preview).

ActionScript 3.0 Overview

11 Responses to ActionScript 3.0 resources for Flash 9 AS3 preview.

  1. Matthew says:

    Hey Jen,I’m a fellow Canadian living in the US, and I just pick up mx 2004 pro. Is there a great training course (preferably video), that will help get me flash savy.I miss Tim Horton’s coffee as well.Cheers!

  2. bzaks says:

    Just run though a few tutorials and you’ll be in great shape! Especially if you’re a coder, then AS 3.0 is going to be awesome for you.MichaelPS To Jen, our lovely forum is dead again:Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: skin_global_ in /home/fmx2004/public_html/forums/sources/ipsclass.php on line 1353Michael

  3. jen d. says:

    It’s down for a security upgrade, and at the same time we’re moving it to Invision Power Board servers (open help ticket at the moment…)Sorry for the inconvienience, but it should (hopefully) mean waaay fewer problems in the future.

  4. jen d. says:

    Matthew – Hello to another displaced Canadian :)Here’s a good place to start if you’re after some good video tutorials: think many (most?) of them are for MX 04, but even any for Flash 8 should be mostly applicable to MX 04.Also check out the Developer Center ( for Breeze tutorials – which are essentially video tutorials.Good luck!

  5. jen d. says:

    A note about the forums:What’s happened is our backups corrupted (a few of the recent ones – it’s getting more difficult now that the forums are so large), so when rebuilding the site after a security update we ran into problems. That’s why there’s only old posts displaying on the forums – newer posts are corrupted. So we required some help to either get our backup working, or to restore from our host’s backup.We intended to move to Invision Power board hosting, so they could help us having the best knowledge of the forum system, but won’t go with them becuase our open help ticket has been ignored for 4 days now (grrr). We have an open ticket with our current host, but apparently they don’t work on weekends (grrr). We’re hoping that they’ll be able to restore the forums to correct working order today… hopefully someone will help us resolve this soon!

  6. Hi from a fellow Calgarian.Here are a few other resources I have been using to get into AS 3.0 mode.The ActionScript 3.0 Cheat Sheet: & AS3 Comparison Chart: for all your great articles!

  7. Jen says:

    Great links! Thanks for adding them.I’ll always be a Calgarian at heart – even though I grew up on vancouver island 🙂 Seriously my #1 choice of city when we move back to Canada. I never thought that I’d miss a real winter – there’s really something about walking late at night during a fresh snowfall (so cold and dry the snow squeaks). Such a great place to live! Now I’m lame and rambling – as you were…

  8. David Miller says:

    Thanks for the great links Jen. And thanks for all your help in the past to this fellow Canadian. Your books helped me move from Miami to Boston and now Portsmouth to a great career!MaryAnn and I wish you the best always! 🙂

  9. Jen says:

    Wow, great to hear from you David!! Glad to hear you’re doing well! Best wishes to you and MaryAnn as well 🙂

  10. dereck says:

    Actionscript 3 opens up a whole new range of possibilities for web based applications which you may miss at first glance of the new Language Reference.

  11. fernando says:

    how can i make this one action:from a flash .swf call a .pdf page (just one from a file).this pdf must be on the computer (outside flash) and with action script call one specific page from this pdf file.thanks and sorry by my english