New on Adobe Labs: JamJar

JamJar was release last night on Adobe Labs. What is it? JamJar is a demo that was created using Flex 2 that lets a number of people things like share files, information, talk, plan, and so forth.

Click here for more information, and to launch the app. Click here to discuss.

3 Responses to New on Adobe Labs: JamJar

  1. Stacy Young says:

    After login it crashed my firefox browser! I’m running debug r16 of the player.

  2. jen d. says:

    Hmm – I’m running the same setup (on Windows) without a crash, I’m not sure what it might be. If you’d like, perhaps leave your details in the forum where one of the team members on JamJar could make suggestions (or fix the issue). Unfortunately I’m not involved with this project, so I’m not able to investigate myself :(Jen.