What do you want in the Studio, Production Suite and/or Creative Suite box? Take a survey…

We’d like your input on the resources we offer to help you learn Adobe products. To learn about how you like to learn – we created a survey. It only takes a few minutes, and it will influence what we offer in the suite boxes.

Go to the CS product page, and click “What’s in the Box?”
(Or this should work as a direct link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=376562316096)

From the survey:

Help us create better resources for your learning needs. Please take a quick survey on the materials you’d like to see in the Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Production Studio and Macromedia Studio boxes.

5 Responses to What do you want in the Studio, Production Suite and/or Creative Suite box? Take a survey…

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to give some input. The survey directed me to the surveymonkey website when I hit done though. (It seems the same from the direct link and from the site). That doesn’t seem like the right behavior.

  2. jen d. says:

    Thanks for your feedback!I will forward your comment regarding surveymonkey to those organizing the survey. It does sound less than ideal, indeed.Thanks again!

  3. Weyert de Boer says:

    I want to have a discount voucher in the box so I can buy a version cheaper of the platform. For example, 20% discount on the Mac editon when you bought the windows version.

  4. bzaks says:

    Sadly and strangely, I miss my community on that little forum. So I wrote this song:Forum dearest, forum friend,My friends are gone, the sql’s bad……Actually, in the 10 minutes I thought of it, that’s all I really got….Anywho. Good survey. However I guess it’s a little difficult for me being that I’m a “code monkey”. Although, I’ll admit, the only thing that can beat the autocomplete function of DW 8 is MS Visual Web Developer Express Edition. (At least when doing the code version) (it’d be really nice to see some better code completion in Flash 9.)You’ve got some awesome stuff on this blog! It’s actually been a reference point for me several times!I’ll be starting a huge AS 3.0 project coming this fall. When will it be a complete API?Michael

  5. dereck says:

    Creative Suite 3 box and the location of the PDF manuals remained a mystery.