Day two General Session from MAX 2006 (Includes MAX award winners)

Another day, another set of notes from the General Session keynote. Lets paste these in now…

Day 2 General Session from Adobe MAX 2006
Over 3500 attendees.

“Can you hear me now” Verizon dude is onstage. He just says “this is awkward”. And leaves.

Kevin Lynch

* Correct an agenda item.
* Opened in acrobat.
* Adds a comment. Send it for shared review. Do some stuff, and then sends a message out to everyone applicable.

Another interesting thing you can do is – you’re working on a PDF, and you want to actually talk to someone. A “Start meeting” button. Press meeting button, and invite someone in to collaborate with you. So he’s inviting the founder of adobe, John Warnock. John is on video from San Jose using Connect (the software formerly known as Breeze). Kevin is excited about the web, and John W. is creating websites as his hobby, as opposed to golf. Every single Adobe application is scriptable.

Al Ramadan — on mobile

Turn our attention to the non-PC opportunities. Most of the devices you could put flash on were outside of the US. Feedback from developers and designers was how to make money in the US. Making money in the US is the theme of his presentation today.

Start where we kicked off last year. Started with the cool new devices you could get. One of the day is Chumby – cuddly alarm clock that streams Flash content. Streaming to device is live traffic cams, weather, etc. Innovative content distribution opportunity. More devices are emerging doing this stuff. People from Chumby are here today, and they have a BOF session here showing us how to make some $$.

Other favorite Playstation 3. New CPU, 35x faster than PS2. 60 gig drive, blue ray support, 7 wireless controllers. Drives 2 HDTV monitors. Flash is built right in as part of PS3.

NTT Docomo leading the way, the innovator of the new phones and experienes for Flash on the phone. Japan phones growing at amazing rates. Korean is having rapid growth. Samsung and LG doing many flash enabled phones.

D900 Living world product from Samsung. UI of the phone adapts on the basis of the time of day, signal strength, depends on what location you are, and changes the backdrop, how many messages you get. Morps to your own use. Probably will change how we build phone experiences.

Flash making its way west. (From Asia to Europe). Nokia phones – certified 31 new handsets in 2006.

What about the US? This is where it gets really excited – introduce John Stratton of Verizon wireless (VP and CMO).

Partnership between Verizon, Qualcomm, Adobe. Announce that the three launching FlashLite 2.1 technology – partner with developer community to create these applications (games, wallpapers, other apps). New level of mobile experience for customers. Created several handsets – Chocolate and many more phones in 2007 and beyond will have Flash on it.

Verizon guy is back (the can you hear me now one). Flash team is behind him (San, Jethro, San, Lily…. Dani from Fireworks is there too!)

Announced last year – Brew, FlashLite for Brew. Super successful beta in the summer with lots of feedback. It’s ready – FlashLite 2.1 for Brew is available and shipping today.

Effort to let the developer community to make some money.

Qualcomm – Peggy Johnson.
President of Qualcomm internet services.

Here to talk to us about how to make some money by developing Flash content.
She is sharing a brief history of qualcomm, brew, handset manufacturers, and so on.
How it works when you create mobile content: Developers develop, go to testing group so can run across different handsets (3rd party), operator looks at the applications and decide which ones to take to what customers, and negotiate with developer (a price that’s paid when anyone downloads it). Exposes the apps to the end users that select what apps they want to download. The charge goes to customer, they pay, and then money goes to the developer. The developers then develop more, and the cycle goes on.

No matter how small you are, you can make some coin.

A few small guys who made MMS have made a lot of cash, and then were bought.

Wireless operators – Verizon is the first North American operator to have Flash enabled handsets. Were also the first to go on the Brew path. Over 65 operators that Qualcomm is working with today – they’re all your potential customers.

Why does Brew love Flash. The community knows that this can make them money. Looking at the Flash community, and make Flash developers part of this same cycle.

Since origin of Brew, have paid out $700M — in space of one year, doubled the payout to developers.
Brew is the leading wireless platform.

Open invitation to join the Brew ecosystem.

Al Ramadan

Partnering with 3 content aggregators –
* Atom (division of MTV)
* FunMobility
* Smashing Content, a division of Smashing ideas.

Primary point of contact into the Brew community. Sessions about this: “Making money with BREW”

Bill Perry – Global Developer Relations for mobile and devices.

Here to show how you actually build things for devices.

Verizon wireless is enabling the first flash ecosystem in the US.
Take your existing skills to build Flash content for millions of mobile subscribers.

Opens Flash Professional 8, has a game open.

Download alpha release of Flash Lite 2.1 from Labs today. [Flash Lite 2.1 authoring on Labs] and Flash Lite 2.1 for BREW on Labs.

Opens Publish settings
* Specify Flash Lite 2.1.
* Post processor – FlashLite BREW

Publisher wizard – download today on Labs.

4 simple steps to walk through.
* Identify output – class ID (randomly generated, get it from Qualcomm site).
* Output info
* Icons
* Define output settings — generate .mod (like a SWF with stuff wrapped around it) and .mio — native extensions for BREW enaboled handsets.


What happened — publishing wizard created the files, put in folder on desktop — and now you see the built in emulator in Flash 8. Then you can try the game in the emulator.

— Showing the folder where the files are.

Next step – transfer the files to a Verizon handset and test.
You use some other software to transfer it to the handset. You drag and drop your files in there.

Disconnects and restarts the phone after the stuff is transferred over.

* All software is available today. Any person with Verizon can download/play this particular game.

Shows the game is on the phone.

You don’t have to work with the mobile operators if you’re a Flash developer – you can work through the intermediates (the partners noted above) instead.

Sell apps directly to Verizon wireless, or to one of our 3 partners.

How can we improve the mobile app workflow? Photoshop and Flash. Improved workflow scenario using both of these tools.

Using Photoshop next, has cafe Townsend open. Before hands it over to the developer, wants to make sure the design looks like you want it to.

In Photoshop, select Save for Web and Devices

At bottom to preview content, and it opens mobile emulator – newer version of mobile emulator that we’re working on. Making sure that image size, display, alignment is OK for the designer. Can check that it works on a variety of devices. You can change things like brightness, make sure that the contrast is OK when the phone is indoors, outdoors, etc.

Now he has it in Flash next. Content is there, and he selects Test Movie. New feature called detach to detach the phone from the screen. Other new features include:

* Memory profiling
* device state information
* performance emulation

Flash Lite wallpaper shown. What it does, depending ton time of day, it changes the background appearance. Currently you need to transfer it to handset to test. No longer in next version of device emulator.

You can change the time in the emulator and it effects this background thing.
If you change the battery level, things happen in interface.
You don’t need to go up and down an elevator to test changes in reception and so on.

Performance emulation too.

Running a frame-by-frame animation. Performance emulation will show how the animation actually works and runs on the phone. So you can check out “emulate performance” and the particular animation slows way down, so you can get way more of a sense how things will appear and what to expect without needing to always transfer your work to the phone.

Kevin Lynch

Two attendees at MAX decided to get married during their trip to MAX – Georgio and Barbara will be getting married today.

Youngest person attending – 14 years old. His name is Max. Max onstage with Kevin. He has been learning a lot of Flex stuff. He has been creating custom components already. (Holy crap). He is getting a swag bag! And a Lego mindstorms kit. Lucky (and smart) kid. Good goin, Max, keep it up.

Bruce Chizen, our fearless leader.

Adobe wants to leverage the Macromedia relationship with developers, and enhance the great work that has already gone on. And not mess it up.

Hard at work delivering on the committments that we have made, and hopes that community sees that – tools and resources, forums, SDKs, training sessions, experiments on Adobe Labs and more. Yesterday and this morning, showing progress on how take existing tools and new tools to develop more seamless workflows so we’re more productive and effectives in changing the world.

Pleased with progress. HTML workflows that streamlined by combinging DW, PSD, Spry. dynamic media workflows enhanced with Flash, AE, Premiere, Soundbooth. RIAs created more efficiently, take advantage of FlexBuilder and integrate it with design tools. FlashLite extensions to BREW netowkr, to leverage content you can create with existing tools and talents.

Innovation most excited about – Apollo. Will truly revolutionize the way the world will interact with the internet in the future. Opportunites for developer community is limitless.

Share some of the submissions to MAX that most impressed him.

Kane County website that automated the process for restraining orders. By doing so, it protects a victim of domestic violence – get protection for that person much sooner than they could have if the developers didn’t create that application. Compelling application.

Fidelity – working with home loan application. Morgage application that used a bunch of tools that made the process more efficient, application processed more rapidly. What is interesting is the application progress for end user more fun and engaging than ever been in the past.

Click TV has done a great job – taken interactive video to a new level, helping users to more easily navigate and control the video experience more than ever before.

Volkswagen – new GTI model, allow customers to configure car in an engaging way. Allow customer to watch a film or video of the car. Obtain a customized PDF, schedule a joy ride with the local dealer.

Few examples of the great stuff this community is doing with a bunch of tools working together. We together with our tools and how we’re using them – turly changing the way the world is engaging with ideas and information ™.

Would like to recognize all of those who have submitted these applications, taken the engagement level to a new plateau. Today we have with us 16 finalists with us in the audience.

Pleased to contiue the tradition of the MAX awards. Kevin up to help Bruce do the honors.

2006 MAX Awards

* Achievement category: Charter One Bank 4 point systems — Automated document something.

* Advertising and Branding: Volkswagen, GTI features. IQ interactive, and Crispin, Porter and Bogusky.

* Industry Innovator: Warder Course Auction, The Warton School [Flex and CF to create a auction thing]

* Interactive Process Management. Verizon Wireless — Smart Flyer

* Media and Entertainment: Click.TV [Video customization, video editing on site]

* Mobile and Devices: Poolside Air Hocky, The Design Assembly [3D manga style characters]

* RIA and Web: Channelmaster 4, Dorado. [Dashboard for morgage people]

* Training and Collaboration: TeachCTA, Multiweb communications [Physitcans to identify diseases, etc – realtime training environment]

* Peoples choice: [voted by the audience using SMS into some CF/Flex app] Volkswagon GTI features

Kevin Lynch says good bye.


And there you have it! It’s messy I know (and I’m not sure if I spelled everything correctly for MAX awards) – perhaps I’ll clean it up after. But now I’m back to the exhibition hall (by the way, I am giving away free books to those who fill out a survey my team crafted up. I have maybe another 10 or 15 to give away (by mail, we’ll send them out afterwards so you have a large selection to choose from – including the hot Flex 2 TFS book). Come find me, give me some good solid answers, and a book is yours.

See ya.

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