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New gallery, tutorials, and articles on Adobe Design Center

We recently added new content to Adobe Design Center. Our next refresh is planned for early December.

**** All new! **** Fireworks Design Center!

New articles:

New Dialog box:

A raw workflow in the real world [Photoshop]
Jeff Schewe

New Think tank:

Big, chunky pixels: New lo-fi animation
Dan Nadel

New gallery:

* Gallery
* IAAH site

New tutorials:

Some background information [After Effects]
Bob Donlon

Tweak to get the perfect trace [Illustrator]
Mordy Golding

Use Flash text to display text in your website [Dreamweaver, Flash]
Garrick Chow

Use watched folders to automate PDF creation [Acrobat]
Garrick Chow

Create a night scene with Fireworks [Fireworks]
Angelo Sabal

Apply video effects to clips with alpha channels [Premiere Pro]
Jeff Schell

Set up a Version Cue PDF review [Version Cue]
Ted LoCascio

Team Adobe Premiere Pro with Encore DVD [Encore DVD, Premiere Pro]
Chad Perkins

New articles, tutorials, and gallery on Adobe Design Center

Please check out the following new articles on Design Center:

New Dialog box:

Why shoot raw? By Bruce Fraser

New gallery:

artist: Kristin Henry

Kristin’s site:

New Hot Topic:

Best Practices By Jen deHaan

New tutorials:

Apply multiple headers using one master By David Blatner and Anne Marie Concepcion

Using a sharpening workflow in Photoshop CS2 By David Blatner and Bruce Fraser

Manic Compression By Bob Donlon

Apply video effects to clips with alpha channels By Jeff Schell

Image editing tricks with Fireworks By Jose Olarte 3

Total Training videos: Tweening in Flash Professional 8 By John Ulliman