New gallery, tutorials, and articles on Adobe Design Center

We recently added new content to Adobe Design Center. Our next refresh is planned for early December.

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New articles:

New Dialog box:

A raw workflow in the real world [Photoshop]
Jeff Schewe

New Think tank:

Big, chunky pixels: New lo-fi animation
Dan Nadel

New gallery:

* Gallery
* IAAH site

New tutorials:

Some background information [After Effects]
Bob Donlon

Tweak to get the perfect trace [Illustrator]
Mordy Golding

Use Flash text to display text in your website [Dreamweaver, Flash]
Garrick Chow

Use watched folders to automate PDF creation [Acrobat]
Garrick Chow

Create a night scene with Fireworks [Fireworks]
Angelo Sabal

Apply video effects to clips with alpha channels [Premiere Pro]
Jeff Schell

Set up a Version Cue PDF review [Version Cue]
Ted LoCascio

Team Adobe Premiere Pro with Encore DVD [Encore DVD, Premiere Pro]
Chad Perkins

2 Responses to New gallery, tutorials, and articles on Adobe Design Center

  1. Susan says:

    Can you help? I’m not sure if I properly conveyed my problem on the forum.After getting the error message (at bottom of this post), I went on Adobe and found a Tutorial entitled “Presenting Video with the Flash Video Component in Dreamweaver 8” at the link below: tutorial says:The Macromedia Flash Video component in Dreamweaver 8 helps you easily insert and display Flash Video (FLV) files in your websites. This article shows you how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver to insert and display FLV files on your site, using a template website.First I got the error message when working on my own DW8 website. Then on the above Adobe Tutorial I got the same error message when I got to step 3 on page 3 of this tutorial:Select Insert > Media > Flash Video from the main menu to launch the Flash Video Component.Error message:”Making this change would require changing code that is locked by a template or translator.”Any help you may be able to provide is appreciated.Kind regards,Susan

  2. I’ve having the same problem – any ideas?