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New CS3 stuff on Adobe Design Center: 205 CS3 video tuts, and text tuts such as Updating to Flash CS3, Fireworks and Photoshop integration, Dreamweaver CS3 How-Tos

New CS3 Text tutorials and articles
New video tutorials and text articles cover everything CS3, from new features to how to get started to advanced techniques for experienced users.

New text articles/tutorials

Flash CS3 Professional

Creating a simple Flash document

Migrating from Flash 8 to Flash CS3 Professional
Jen deHaan

List of Flash tutorials

Dreamweaver CS3

Collecting content for a Dreamweaver site
David Karlins

Defining a local site in Dreamweaver
David Karlins

Fireworks CS3

A glance at Photoshop integration with Fireworks
Jim Babbage

Using rich symbols in Fireworks
Aaron Beall

Vectoring in on bitmaps with Fireworks
Dave Bricker


Using Acrobat in a review cycle
Acrobat 8 Classroom in a Book

Think Tank

Just the facts: How technology is changing the news
by Liz Danzico

New product design centers:

Contribute Design Center

Device Central Design Center

CS3 Video workshop
205 videos just released about all CS3 products! Video tutorials brought to you by both Adobe and community experts. For over half a year, this has been the focus of my life it seems, from the Flex app, to the content in it. Check out the many tutorials on the web and design products, including a bunch of tutorials on how to use the products together. And if you buy one of the products in a box, you’ll get this thing on a DVD.

About the workshop:

CS3 Workflow guides
Two Workflow guides are out that show you how to use products together, and provides an overview of new features.

Landing page

CS3 Web workflow guide

CS3 Design workflow guide